Internationsl Symposium on Principles of Software Evolution, Nov. 1 & 2, Kanazawa, Japan
Sponsored by:
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST),
Grand-In-Aid for Priority Areas "Principles for Evolutionary Software" (Ministry of Education, Japan), &
Research for the Future Program "Software Development Methodology" (JSPS-RFTF)

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Updated on 27 Oct., 2000

What's New

Conference Scope

The international symposium on the principles of software evolution, ISPSE2000, is organized for discussing and presenting papers on principles and fundamental aspects of software evolution. Software evolution generally means that software changes itself according to the change of its specification/requirements or its operating environment. It is widely recognized as one of the most important problems in software technologies. Although a significant amount of work has been done so far and most of the modern software concepts are essential for software evolution, it is still a challenging problem to be attacked. This is due to its inherent complexity and to the lack of our understanding of basic principles for software evolution. ISPSE2000 is intended to cover wide ranges of topics of software evolution, from theoretical foundations to empirical studies and solicits papers from all the aspects of software evolution. Two categories of papers are sought:

In category A, topics include, though not limited to, theoretical foundations, computational mechanisms and language constructs which make software flexible and evolvable, such as incremental proof/computation, reflection, and higher order functions. In category B, topics include, though no limited to, specification techniques for evolutionary software, consistency management, analysis tools/repository for evolution, architectures for evolutionary software, and empirical studies.

All accepted papers are distributed at the symposium as preprints. After the symposium, the proceedings of the (possibly updated) papers are published from IEEE CS Press

Invited Talks

Nov. 1, 10:00-11:00
Towards a Theory of Software Evolution - And its Practical Impact
Manny Lehman
Nov. 2, 9:00-10:00
Evolving Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Alexander L. Wolf
Nov. 2, 14:00-15:00
Calculation Carrying Programs: How to Code Program Transformation
Masato Takeichi

Technical Program

Registration of participation

Participants (including authors, PCs and other committees) are required to register using our ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM. No registration fee is required. ISPSE 2000 is fully suppoted by the sponsors.

Note to Authors

Please accept our apology for the delay in preparing our website for uploading your camera-ready papers (for preprints). We have already sent the URL of the website. In the previous e-mail, we mentioned the use of FTP for this purpose; we are sorry that we cannot prepare this because it conflicts the security policy of JAIST. If you have any trouble on uploading your paper, please send it via e-mail to

Paper Submission (closed)

Papers are sought which do not exceed 6000 words in length. We recommend to use ACM SIG Proceedings Templates for MS-Word, Word Perfect and LaTeX2e. Papers should be electronically submitted in PDF format specifying their category. Register and upload your paper using the following links.

If you have any trouble on registering/uploading your paper, please send it to as a MIME-encoded e-mail. Your submission should include the following information as a plain (ASCII) text part.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Affiliation
  3. Contact Address, Phone and Facsimile Numbers, E-mail address
  4. Paper Category (A or B)
  5. Paper Title
  6. Abstract (max. 300 words)

Important Dates

Software Demonstrations

As an important part of the symposium, ISPSE 2000 also welcomes live demonstrations which provide an opportunity for researchers to exchange in-depth experiences in the development of advanced softwares. Those who are interested in demonstrating their systems should submit a two-page abstract in the same style and format (PDF or PostScript) as the ordinary papers. Each submission should include (a) the title of the demonstration, (b) names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of the presenters, and (c) descriptions of the demonstration. Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of technical merit, novelty and relevance to software evolution and also feasibility of presentation. Demonstrations related to papers appearing at the symposium are particuarly encouraged. Please note that all demonstration equipment (PCs, displays, cables, etc.) should be provided by the presenter. We will only provide an internet connection at the symposium site.

Conference Site

ISPSE2000 is held at Ishikawa High-Tech Conference Center (IHTCC), which is next to JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). JAIST is dedicated to graduate study and is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The site is 35 min. to Kanazawa city which is famous for its historic background and popular for tuorists.

Accommodation & Transportation

Transportation Guide (updated)

Official Hotel

Reduced rate reservation deadline: Oct. 26th, 17:00 (JST)

We hava a limited, but reduced rate block reservation on the following hotel. Please make your reservation by yourself, stating that you will participate in ISPSE2000 held at JAIST.

Kanazawa Kokusai Hotel
Ru-8 Onuka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 921-8565
Tel: +81 (0)76-296-0111, Fax: +81 (0)76-298-1139
Room Rate: 7875 yen (single, w/ breakfast)

Western style hotel located in the suburb of Kanazawa city. 15 min. to downtown Kanazawa, 25 min. to symposium site and 50 min. to Komatsu Airport. Shuttle bus service to/from the conference site will be available daily.

Other Hotels & Travel Information

Conference Organization

Conference Chair:

Takuya Katayama (JAIST)

Program Co-Chairs:

Naoki Yonezaki (Titech) [Category A]
Tetsuo Tamai (U. Tokyo) [Category B]

Program Committee:

Category A:

Tetsuo Ida (U. Tsukuba)
Takayasu Ito (Tohoku U.)
Max Kanovich (U. Pennsylvania)
Naoki Kobayashi (U. Tokyo)
Patrick Lincoln (SRI)
Al Mok (U. Texas)
Sin-ya Nishizaki (Titech)
Mitsuhiro Okada (Keio U.)
Alberto Policriti (U. Udine)
Alessandra Russo (Imperial Col.)
Masato Takeichi (U. Tokyo)
Takuo Watanabe (JAIST)
Akinori Yonezawa (U. Tokyo)

Category B:

Kiyoshi Agusa (Nagoya U.)
Tsuneo Ajisaka (Wakayama U.)
Mikio Aoyama (Niigata Inst. of Tech.)
Keijiro Araki (Kyushu U.)
William Chu (TungHai U.)
Kokichi Futatsugi (JAIST)
Carlo Ghezzi (Polimi)
Katsuro Inoue (Osaka U.)
Stan Jarzabek (National U. Singapore)
Shaoying Liu (Hosei U.)
David Notkin (U. Washington)
Bashar Nuseibeh (Imperial College)
Motoshi Saeki (Titech)
Alexander L. Wolf (U. Colorado)

Advisory Committee (tentative):

Bob Balzer (ISI)
Carlo Ghezzi (Polimi),
Jeff Kramer (Imperial College)
David Notkin (U. Washington)
Dewayne Perry (U. Texas, Austin)
Takayasu Ito (Tohoku U.)
Masato Takeichi (U. Tokyo)
Eiichi Miyamoto (Hokkaido U.)
Kiyoshi Agusa (Nagoya U.)
Kazuo Ushijima (Kyushu U.)
Akinori Yonezawa (U. Tokyo)
Koji Torii (NAIST)
Norihisa Doi (Keio U.)
Ikuo Nakata (Hosei U.)

Organizing Committee:

Koichiro Ochimizu (JAIST)
Kokichi Futatsgugi (JAIST)
Takuo Watanabe (JAIST)

On-Line PC Meeting

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