International Workshop on
Principles of Software Evolution
IWPSE 2001

Sep. 10 & 11
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
In association with 8th European Software Engineering Conference and
9th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering
(ESEC/FSE 2001)
Supported by the Scientific Research Network on Foundations of Software Evolution
of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders

Scope of Workshop

The international workshop on software evolution, IWPSE2001, is organized for discussing and presenting papers on the theory and experience of software evolution. Software evolution generally means that software changes itself according to the change of its specification/requirements or its operating environment. It is widely recognized as one of the most important problems in software engineering. Although a significant amount of work has been done so far and most of the modern software concepts are essential for software evolution, it is still a challenging problem to be attacked.

This is due to its inherent complexity and to the lack of theoretical foundation and empirical studies of software evolution. IWPSE2001 is intended to provide a forum to discuss a wide range of topics of software evolution. The workshop committee invites authors to submit the following topics, but not limited to:

Final Program

IWPSE2001-FinalProg-09-05.PDF (PDF)
IWPSE2001-FinalProg-09-05.doc (MS Word)

Paper Submission (closed)

We seek two types of contribution

(1) Full papers

Full papers are sought which do not exceed 6000 words in length. All papers will be refereed by the PC. Accepted papers will be published as the workshop proceedings. One or more authors must attend the workshop (this is a condition of publication) and approximately 30 minutes will be allocated for the presentation of the paper.

(2) Position papers

We seek position papers of no more than FOUR pages, including title, a short abstract and any references. The aim of the position papers is to contribute to a lively research debate and discussion, which moves the research field of evolution forward (IWPSE is the key meeting for researchers and practitioners in software evolution). All position papers will be refereed by the PC, but using different criteria to full papers. They will be judged on novelty, or an interesting, sensible viewpoint, or a key insight, or relevant and important research/practice result. Radical and unconventional ideas are acceptable and welcome. Accepted position papers will be also published in the workshop proceedings. Each position paper will be allocated 10 - 15 minutes to present the key ideas.

Submission procedure

We recommend you to use ACM SIG Proceedings Templates for MS-Word and LaTeX2e. Papers should be electronically submitted in PDF format to Clearly mark your paper as either FULL PAPER or POSITION PAPER.


Registration will due on August 10.

To register, you need to download advance program from ESEC/FSE web page at and, use the registration form in the program.

For details, please see ESEC/FSE registration page at All the registrations including workshop will be handled by ESE/FSE.

If you want participant ONLY workshop, you can register workshop only, so that you don't need to register to ESEC/FSE. Certainly, your participation to ESEC/FSE is welcome.

Important Dates

Workshop Organizer

Workshop Chair:

T. Tamai (U. of Tokyo, Japan)

Workshop Program Committee:


M. Aoyama (Nanzan U., Japan)
K. Bennett (U. of Durham, UK)

Workshop PC Members:

T. Ajisaka (Wakayama U., Japan)
O. P. Brereton (U. of Keele, UK)
E. L. Burd (U. of Durham, UK)
G. Canfora (U. of Sannio, Italy)
N. E Gold (U. of Manchester Inst. of Science and Technology, UK)
W. Griswold (U. of California at San Diego, USA)
J. Han (Monash U., Australia)
R. Harrison (U. of Reading, UK)
G. Heineman (Worcester Polytechnic Inst., USA)
M. Jazayeri (Technical U. of Vienna, Austria)
M. M. Lehman (Imperial College, UK)
T. Mikkonen (Nokia, Finland)
R. Mittermeir (U. of Klagenfurt, Austria)
S. Nakajima (NEC, Japan)
K. Ochimizu (JAIST, Japan)
B. Paech (Fraunhofer Inst., Germany)
M. Saeki (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan)
H Sneed (CaseConsult & Software Data Service, Germany)
S. Uehara (Fujitsu Labs., Japan)

Workshop Advisors:

R. Balzer (Teknowledge, USA)
J. Kramer (Imperial College, UK)
T. Katayama (JAIST, Japan)
C. Ghezzi (Polimi, Italy)
D. Notkin (U. Washington, USA)
D. Perry (U. Texas at Austin, USA)

Web Master:

K. Fujieda (JAIST, Japan)

Further Information

For further information, please consult the IWPSE 2001 page or send e-mail to

Kazuhiro Fujieda (