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We tackle global energy and environmental issues and contribute to realizing sustainable and symbiotic societies in the future by using four primary areas of our scientific/technological expertise integrated with state-of-the-art technology in knowledge sciences: 1) Creation of new materials for renewable energy to be used in innovative methods such as a liquid process and researches of renewable energy material-device technologies applied for solar cells and thermoelectric conversion devices, 2) Elemental chemistry- & biofunction-based technology for the establishment of sustainable society focusing on development of high thermomechanical performance plastics, 3) Advanced environmental sensors based on nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) devices and zero-power & functional system integration technology, and 4) Materials-Informatics based on Data Mining and Quantum Simulations.


Green technologies, Nano-liquid process, Renewable polymers, Thermoelectronics, Solar cells, Ab initio electronic structure calculations, Nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) devices, Materials Informatics

Education policy:

This area features its multidisciplinary and advanced natures realized by hybridizing the diverse faculty membersʼ research expertise in energy and environment. We provide comprehensive education and research programs by covering a wide range of sciences and technologies to build sustainable societies. Those include atoms/molecules based fundamental sciences, state-of-the-art material integration nanotechnologies for bioplastics, energy-conversion devices and zero-power integrated functional systems, and material informatics based on computational sciences. The students enrolled in this area are expected not only to acquire profound knowledge founded on the study and research in the individual areas but also to master the new methodologies to expand their research expertise into new domains with a full awareness of social contributions. The students will eventually become capable of making substantial contributions to the sustainability with the leading-edge technologies.