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Md. Anwarul Islam of the School of Knowledge Science received the Best Paper Award in ICLIS 2015.

Md. Anwarul Islam, a 3rd year PhD. Student in Ikeda lab of the School of Knowledge Science received the Best Paper Award in ICLIS 2015.

International Conference on Library & Information Science (ICLIS) 2015 is an international conference hosted by International Business Academics Consortium (iBAC), Kwansei Gakuin University, JAPAN, Shih Chien University, TAIWAN & Tamkang University, TAIWAN. The conference was held in Osaka, Japan. Out of 170 excellent papers, 5 papers were selected for the Best Paper Award.


[Date awarded] August 23, 2015
[Title] Service innovation in academic libraries: review and a conceptual framework
[Abstract] The purpose of this paper is to review and identify the service innovation framework that would be value to academic libraries. We review the frameworks and theories of service innovation along with different dimensions for the organizations. Based on existing models and framework, we arrive at a theoretical framework of service innovation for academic libraries. It identifies that there is no single set of dimensions that would be applicable to across libraries and new service is always a combination of various dimensions. With the help of discussion, dialogue and interaction with users, libraries can offer innovative library services to the user communities. Most studies on service innovation have been outside libraries. Of all innovation studies, there is a lack of a single paper that puts together various dimensions that would help academic libraries to redefine its position. The primary research contribution of this article is a framework of service innovation for academic libraries.
[Comment] I would like to extend sincere gratitude to the reviewer panels as well as conference program committee for selecting my paper for the Best Paper Award. I am honored and grateful to the ICLIS organizer. Being a PhD student, it is always pleasant to have this kind of achievement which leads to go beyond. The theoretical paper that I've presented in the conference was all about to offer a conceptual service innovation framework for academic libraries. We generate new insights into management and especially user involvement for offering innovative services in academic libraries. I truly appreciate Professor Mitsuru Ikeda and Professor Vesa Matti Peltokorpi, for their guidance and suggestions to write this paper.


August 28, 2015