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Ms.Sana Ahmed and Ms. Punnida Nonsuwan,Materials Chemistry Area, received Best Poster Award in IFPB2016.

Ms.Sana Ahmed (3rd year PhD student) and Ms. Punnida Nonsuwan (1st year PhD student) in Matsumura lab of Materials Chemistry Area, received Best Poster Award in IFPB2016.

■Date Awarded
September 9,2016

【Ms.Sana Ahmed】

 Accelerated Gene delivery using Self-Assembled Polyampholyte Nanoparticles based on Freeze Concentration Mechanism.

In this study, we developed a new strategy called freeze concentration for enhanced gene transfection. This method is supposed to be an efficient approach for plasmid DNA effectively.

I am deeply honored and appreciative for receiving this poster award in "9th International Conference on Fiber and Polymer Biotechnology" held in Osaka, Japan. I am very grateful to my supervisor Prof. Kazuaki Matsumura for all his support and guidance. This award encourages and motivates me to contribute more in development of society and research field. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my institute JAIST for supporting my research.

【Ms. Punnida Nonsuwan】

Degradation control of multiple crosslinked dextran based hydrogel

We target the hydrogel degradation for control the release of drug. Prepared hydrogel forming via Michael addition was stable in saline solution but could be degraded in glycine solution. These finding indicate that we can control the degradable rate of hydrogel by the amino group addition.

It is my honor to get the IFPB2016 Poster Award. I am really grateful to Prof. Kazuaki Matsumura for this opportunity and the valuable advice for my work. I would like to express my appreciation to JAIST for the support in studying and researching. Attendance in international conference is the good chance to distribute our knowledge and gain the new knowledge to boost up ourselves as well.

0916matsumuralab.jpg                   Left:Ms. Sana Ahmed, right:Ms. Punnida Nonsuwan

September 21,2016