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Ms.Monika Patel ,Materials Chemistry Area,received Best Presenter Award in 65th Annual meeting of SPSJ Hokuriku branch.

Ms.Monika Patel ,3rd year PhD student in Matsumura lab of Materials Chemistry Area, received Best Presenter Award in 65th Annual meeting of SPSJ Hokuriku branch.

■Date Awarded
November 12,2016

An amphiphilic polypeptide based shell linked micelle- hydrogel composite for dual drug release 

A polypeptide based facile dual-drug loaded micelle hydrogel composite was successfully formulated. The release results demonstrated that simple parameters such as pH, resultant zeta potential and crosslinking degree determined release profiles of each drug. And the different release kinetics of both drugs would be of particular interest for functional wound dressing and tissue engineering applications.

I am deeply obliged and honored that my presentation in 65th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Polymer Science (SPSJ), Hokuriku Branch was selected as the best presenter award. So, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Kazuaki Matsumura for his guidance and encouragement throughout. I am also thankful to organizers, who found my work worthy of this award and acclamation. This will motivate me to do better in my future research. And of course, this award has to be shared with all my lab mates, it comes from joint efforts of all. And finally, I want to thank JAIST for providing brilliant opportunities to present our research in various conferences.


November 25,2016