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Mr.Deny Willy Junaidy and Prof.Nagai, Human Life Design Area, received the Best Paper Award in KICCS 2016.

Mr.Deny Willy Junaidy,a doctral degree holder,and Prof.Yukari Nagai of Human Life Design Area received the Best Paper Award in KICCS 2016.

The Eleventh 2016 International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems KICSS 2016 covers all aspects of knowledge management, knowledge engineering, intelligent information systems, and creativity in an information technology context, including computational creativity and its cognitive and collaborative aspects.
KICSS 2016 publishes original research papers and review papers, as well as auxiliary materials such as case studies, technical reports, etc. Among the papers, a few excellent papers are awarded as the best papers of KICSS2016.


■Date Awarded
 November 10,2016

Mindsets of Craftsman: From barrier to lever

Deny Willy Junaidy
Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics (FAE)
University of Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Kelantan, Malaysia

Yukari Nagai
Human Life Design Area,JAIST

This study discovered that Indonesian master craftsmen's conceptual process is highly influenced by Typical mindsets of Object-attribute that underlines Rationale and Mastery that thus stimulate a pragmatic perspective. We observed that traditional design education is difficult to be conceived by individuals with conservative viewpoint. Consequently, we make a model of the design training that fits with their conventional mindsets. This model utilizes traditional craftsman's previous knowledge at extraordinary levels in order for them further experiencing dialectical-beliefs of new thoughts.To further develop this model we investigate their knowledge acquisition of mindset during conceptual process.

It is our great honor that our collaborative research has been prized as the best paper of KICSS Best Paper Award. I am very proud that I got a degree at School of Knowledge Science. I would express my deepest appreciation to Nagai sensei and JAIST. We will develop our study of design creativity in future.
Deny Willy Junaidy.

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December 28,2016