Clockticks (Non-sleep Clockticks)

Thread Specificity: TS

The clockticks event, also referred to as non-sleep clocktick, counts the basic unit of time recognized by each physical processor package in the Intel NetBurst(R) microarchitecture family of processors. Non-sleep Clockticks are used to indicate the time spent by each physical processor package to execute a stream of instructions.

The raw data collected by the VTune(TM) Performance Analyzer can be used to compute various indicators. For example, ratios of the Non-sleep Clockticks to Instructions Retired can give you a good indication that the code in the application may be stalled in a physical processor package and may be suitable for re-coding.

Non-sleep clockticks can be used to calculate the non-sleep CPI. This can be interpreted as the inverse of the average throughput of a physical processor package, while the physical processor package is executing instructions.

If a physical processor package contains only one logical processor, non-sleep clockticks is essentially the same as non-halted clockticks.

See Counting Clock Cycles for information on the difference between non-sleep clockticks and non-halted clockticks.


You cannot use the User or OS check boxes in the Edit Event dialog box to qualify collection of this event. See the Non-halted Clockticks event for an alternative event.

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