Notes to consider during changing passwords

Please choose a proper password.

The password must be made from 8 characters or more (in many systems, starting from the ninth character is disregarded). The followings methods are recommended.

  • Insert 2 or more numerals and/or symbols into a pronounceable word
  • Join 2 or more words, change some (middle prefered) characters to uppercase then insert numbers and/or symbols in between.

The above method is just an example. Besides the above methods, there are many ways to make good passwords. First, check whether or not it is adhering to the standardsIf not, please fix it immediately.


Password is an important way for protecting your own authority on all computers in the university. In fact, If your password is known by the others, it means that you gave the authority to the others to use your resources in the university information environment machines and data.

Also, if passwords are given to people outside the university, it will be a stepping stone for various attacks, which can pose a threat to the entire information environment of our university.

Therefore, the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center publishes "password standards" and "how to make appropriate passwords" and makes initial users a password according to those standards. In order to maintain the safety of the passwords above a certain level, we want to secure the university information environment.

In addition, the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center will check the password once a month using general password breaking software.
We will notify the user after checking by e-mail . When the check reports a password as dangerous, the notified users must be sure to change the password promptly .

We do this procedure in order to protect the security level of the university information environment, thank you for your cooperation.

Choosing a good password

What makes a good password,


  • Eight characters or more (Some systems ignore the ninth character and beyond)
  • Do not use a dictionary word as it is
  • Random combination of symbols and numbers with roman letters (not only in lowercase letters but also uppercase) all through the password
  • Easy to remember by yourself.
    No matter how good you put a password, if you write it down in a memo, the password will be known if someone saw it , so please do not write it down.


Also, no matter how good a password is, still  it becomes easier to break as time passes, so change the password regularly (monthly up to one year at most).

How to change your password using a web browser

  1. The user setting configuration sites needs your Digital Certification to access.
    If you have no valid Digital Certification of JAIST,please refer the following "Digital Certificate Download" site firstly and install your certification to your browser.
  2. Click the following  "User Setting"  link (in "Quick Link Menu" of the  "Top" Page in the center ) and click "Login by Certificate"→"Change Password".


    About Digital Certificate 


        User Settings   (Digital Certificate required)

How to change your password using Unix

Please login to a unix  workstation (eg., hostname: lin01, lin02 or lin03)

You can use TeraTerm or Putty, etc from any PC and enter the following command.

passwd [return]

And then, Please change your password according to the displayed message.