Accepted papers

Full papers


Kazushi Nishimoto and Daisuke Ichikawa. BrainResketching: A Collaborative Method for Creating Design Concepts

Takashi Yoshino, Taku Fukushima and Chigusa Kita. PaneLive: Non-native Language User Support System at Face-to-face Discussion Using Common Language

Wittawat Jitkrittum, Thanaruk Theeramunkong and Choochart Haruechaiyasak. Proximity-Based Semantic Relatedness Measurement on Thai Wikipedia

The Dung Luong and Tu Bao Ho. Privacy Preserving for Multivariate Outlier Detection

Thi Nguyen, Peter Wheeler and Jim Peterson. Fuzzy System as a Function Approximator for Long-Range Weather Time Series Forecasting

Taisuke Ogawa, Tomoyoshi Yamazaki, Mitsuru Ikeda, Kenji Araki, Muneou Suzuki and Koiti Hashida. Support Methodology for Building Ontologies Based on the Externalization of Stakeholders’ Viewpoints: A Case Study of a Clinical Pathway Ontology

Takahiro Kawaji and Susumu Kunifuji. Divergent Thinking Supporting Groupware by Using Collective Intelligence

Kenzaburo Miyawaki and Mutsuo Sano. A Kitchen Worktop Interface for Cooking Navigation Systems

Dang Hung Tran, Tu Bao Ho, Kenji Satou and Tho Hoan Pham. A computational method for classifying and analyzing tumor samples using microRNA expression profiles

Nopphadol Chalortham, Phuriwat Leesawat and Thepchai Supnithi. Development of Generic Drug Tablet Production Expert System

Rintarou Nomura, Naoshi Nagano, Toshiko Asai, Akinori Minazuki and Hidehiko Hayashi. Lounge activity in higher education -learning from each other

Tessai Hayama and Susumu Kunifuji. Effects of Different Idea Layout Methods on Idea Generation in Distributed Brainstorming Environment

Jakkrit TeCho, Cholwich Natte and Thanaruk Theeramunkong. A Corpus-based Approach for Automatic Thai Unknown Word Recognition using Group-based Evaluation by Ranking

Kobkrit Viriyayudhakorn, Thanaruk Theeramunkong and Cholwich Nattee. Mining Translation pairs for Thai-English Medical Terms

Taizo Miyachi, Shosuke Watanabe and Hayato Takubo. A parallel weaving of knowledge by quiet directional voice signage

Yu Suzuki, Kazuo Misue and Jiro Tanaka. A Visualization Technique for Linked Transition of Exchange Rate Between Three Currencies

Motoki Miura, Hiroyuki Oouchi and Susumu Kunifuji. AwarePath: Route Thumbnail for Selecting Off-Screen Destinations on Mobile Map

Wenhuan Lu, Mitsuru Ikeda, Koichiro Ochimizu and Shinataro Kitayama. Ontology-Supported Curriculum Evolution in the Space of Change --Using Conceptualization and Systematization of Evolution Process

Lim Roth, Sadanori Ito, Motoki Miura and Susumu Kunifuji. Location and Motion Sensor System in Group Home

Nattapong Tongtep and Thanaruk Theeramunkong. Discovering Semantic Relations from Thai News Documents

Piya Limcharoen, Cholwich Nattee and Thanaruk Theeramunkong. Two-Phase Candidate Generation for Thai Word Segmentation using GLR Parsing Technique

Le Dinh Son and Grigoriev Yuri D.. The non-ruin probabilities under excess of loss reinsurance

Verayuth Lertnattee, Kergrit Robkop and Virach Sornlertlamvanich. Creativity Support System for Mining Herbal Information

Nguyen Thu Huong, Katsuhiro Umemoto and Hieu Chi Dam. Offshore Software Development: A Knowledge Management Perspective

Van Hung Le, Cat Ho Nguyen and Fei Liu. Semantics and Aggregation of Linguistic Information Based on Hedge Algebras

Nattapong Tongtep and Thanaruk Theeramunkong. Pattern-Based Named Entity Extraction for Thai News Documents


Short papers


Jing Liang, Jiangning Wu and Zhaoguo Xuan. Evaluation of Knowledge Learning with Different Visiting Strategies Based on Complex Networks

Xuan Le Ha and Son Dao. Face detection and tracking

Makoto Ohashi, Junko Itou, Ryuki Sakamoto and Jun Munemori. Proposal of a Creativity Support System Using Direct Manipulation on a Tabletop Interface

Suphakit Niwattanakul, Michel EBOUEYA and Philippe Martin. A Contribution to Information Management and Retrieval Technologies in Documents Indexation for Metadata of Learning Objects

Katsuaki Tanaka, Mina Akaishi and Koichi Hori. Reorganize Topic Transition in Design Process Records