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Registration Fee


24,000 JPY


12,000 JPY


20,000 JPY


10,000 JPY

The above registration fee includes the proceedings, all coffee breaks, the reception and the conference banquet. Extra banquet ticket (2,000 JPY) can be purchased at the conference.

[about Discount]
If you attend PRICAI2008, you can choose Discount fee (click here to register PRICAI2008). The discount rate is applied if you enter a valid [PRICAI2008 ParticipantID]. You can proceed to Paypal checkout AFTER KICSS2008 Registration Office modified your fee (it will take a few days).

Payment Methods

KICSS 2008 accepts your payment through Paypal (Credit Card) or Bank Transfer.

If you are not familiar with PayPal, please visit to learn "What is paypal" and sign up. KICSS 2008 Online Registration will directly lead you to the PayPal website to perform your payment.

If you choose Bank Transfer, you are responsible for ALL REMITTANCE COMMISSIONS, and required to send the copy of bank transfer proof to KICSS2008 registration office via fax or e-mail.

Official Receipt
Official Receipt of KICSS 2008 will be handed to you at the reception Desk during KICSS 2008 in December, or mailed to you after the conference.