Sur name: Cho

Given name: Ji Young

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)



Position: Full Time Lecturer 

Organization: Kent State University

Address: 301 Taylor Hall, College of Architecture and Environmental Design. P.O.Box 5190, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242

Country USA


Architecture Design. Interior Design.

Research Interests

Design education, creativity, and cognition

Aesthetics of built environment

Technology aided for design process

Selected Publications (max.4)

·         Cho, J. Y. (2009). Pedagogical Examination of an Award-Winning Instructorfs Studio Teaching. Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, 3(3), 387-406.

·         Yoon, S. Y., Oh, H. J. & Cho, J. Y. (2010). Understanding Furniture Design Choices: An Empirical Approach Using a 3D Virtual Showroom. Journal of Interior Design, 33(5),33-50

·         Cho, J. Y. & Yoon, S. Y. (2010). Aesthetics by Laypersons and Designers: Understanding Different Views on Public Building Designs using Virtual Reality Technology, Proceeding Journal of Design Communication Association, Bozeman, 331-340, MT, USA

·         Park, J. A., Kim, Y. S., & Cho, J. Y. (2006). Visual Reasoning as a Critical Attribute in Design Creativity, Proceeding of International Design Research Symposium, Korea