Sur name: Le Masson Given name: Pascal

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Position: Assistant professor in Design, Innovation and Management Organization: Ecole des Mines de Paris Address: 60 boulevard Saint Michel 75 272 Paris cedex 06 Country: France


Engineering design and innovation management

Research Interests

Dr. Le Masson is working with Benoit Weil and Armand Hatchuel in a research program on innovative design. They propose to distinguish between : 1- “rule based design”, ie classical systematic design, a century-old regime, very efficient as long as the objects are already known and knowledge is available at the beginning of the design process, and 2- “innovative design”, when the identity of the object changes and/or when the needed knowledge is missing. To tackle with innovative design, they have proposed: -A new theory to model the design reasoning to cope with knowledge expansion and conceptual creativity: the C-K Theory (Hatchuel & Weil 2003) -New design-oriented organizations based on Innovation fields, Design Space and Value Management, able to integrate collective creativity -A new micro-economic : new forms of performance and efficiency in design-based economy

Selected Publications (max.4)

* Le Masson, P., Hatchuel, A., & Weil, B. (2007) 'Creativity and Design Reasoning: How C-K Theory can
enhance creative design', International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED'07, Paris, pp. 12
* Hatchuel, A., Le Masson, P., & Weil, B. (2006). 'Building Innovation Capabilities. The Development of
Design-Oriented Organizations.' In Jerald Hage and Marius Meeus (Ed) Innovation, Science and Industrial
Change, the Handbook of Research. Oxford University Press,
* Hatchuel, A., Le Masson, P., & Weil, B. (2005) 'The Development of Science-Based Products: Managing by
Design Spaces', Creativity and Innovation Management Vol. 14, (4), pp. 345-354.
* Le Masson, P., Hatchuel, A., & Weil, B. (2006) 'The design of science based-products: an interpretation and
modelling with C-K theory', 9th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, 15th-18th May 2004, pp. 33-44.