Surname: Yeo 

Given name: Jesvin Puayhwa

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)




Position: Assistant Professional

Organization: Nanyang Technological University

Address: 81 Nanyang Drive, School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore 637458

Country: Singapore



Visual Communication


Research Interests

Visual Research

Asian Cultural Identity

Motivation in Learning

Neural Networks

Knowledge Visualization


Selected Publications (max.4)

l  Yeo, P.H.J., gDiscover Type through Art,h The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 2009, Vol. 3, Issue 5, pp.105-112

l  Hwa, J.Y.P., gStreet Theatre Advertising-An empirical investigation on the plausibility of live performance as a brand-building medium,h Design, Culture and Life Dissertation Collection, 2009, pp. 121-131

l  Jesvin Puayhwa Yeo., gReconnecting with Family and Community through Design Communication,h International Journal of the Humanities, 20089, Vol. 7, Issue 10, pp.143-158