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Surname: Cook

Given name: John

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: johnnigelcook[a_t]



Position: Professor in Education

Organization: University of the West of England

Address: Department of Education, University of the West of England, School of Education, S Block, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY, UK

Country: United Kingdom


Education, Design Research, Technology Enhanced Learning

Research Interests

Five related areas: informal learning, mobile learning, augmented contexts for development, design research/seeking and work-based learning. Specifically, I am interested in Design Research that extends existing approaches so that they take account of design creativity and scaling of design (the latter in terms of numbers of users and the complexity of research projects). For example, with a colleague (Cook and Bannan, 2013) I am currently working on making an explicit link to ideas surrounding design creativity and the question °∆how do design ideas arise°«. Design seeking is a key concern here, and this draws on the concept of problem seeking (Cook, 2000) rather than mere problem solving. In the early design process we can say that °»knowledge is essentially problematical: it is not just a question of solving a problem, it is more a question of seeking out the nature of the problem and then devising an approach to solving it°… (Cook, 2000). We have proposed an innovative Design Research model (Cook and Bannan, 2013) that encompasses five related phases: Prior conditions, Persuasion, Design decisions, Research Process and Diffusion at scale.

Selected Publications

  • Cook, J. (2000). Cooperative Problem-Seeking Dialogues in Learning. In Gauthier, G., Frasson, C. and VanLehn, K. (Eds.) Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 5th International Conference, ITS 2000 Montréal, Canada, June 2000 Proceedings, p. 615–624. Berlin Heidelberg New York: Springer-Verlag. Available:
  • Cook, J. and Bannan, B. (2013). Reconceptualising Design Research for Design Seeking and Scaling. EC-TEL (European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning), Workshop on Collaborative Technologies for Working and Learning , Cyprus, September 2013.