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Surname: Bilda

Given name: Zafer

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: zafer[a_t]


Position: Senior Research Assistant

Organization: Creativity and Cognition Studios

Address: Building 10, University of Technology Sydney, Broadway 2007 NSW

Country: Australia


Design and Technology

Research Interests

Design Cognition Understanding creative engagement with interactive artworks Experience Design

Selected Publications

  • Bilda, Z. and Gero, J.S. The impact of working memory limitations on the design process during conceptualization. Design Studies, 28 (4). 343-367.
  • Bilda, Z., Gero, J.S. and Purcell, T. To sketch or not to sketch? That is the question. Design Studies, 27 (5). 587-613.
  • Bilda, Z., Candy, L. and Edmonds, E.A. An Embodied Cognition Framework for Interactive Experience. CoDesign, 3 (2). 123 - 137
  • Bilda, Z. and Demirkan, D. An insight on designer's sketching activities in traditional versus digital media. Design Studies, 24 (1). 27-50.