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Surname: Bouchard

Given name: Carole

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: caroll.bouchard[a_t]

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Position: Professor

Organization: LCPI (Product Design & Innovation Lab), ENSAM Arts et Metiers ParisTech

Address: 151 Bd de l°«Hopital, 75013 Paris

Country: France


Engineering Design

Research Interests

Design and trends watch methods. KANSEI Engineering. Applied creativity and innovation.

Selected Publications

  • Mougenot C., Bouchard C., Aoussat A. (2007) A Study of Designers' Cognitive Activity in Design Informational Phase, ICED°«07 International Conference on Engineering Design, August 2007, Paris
  • Bouchard C., Mantelet F., Aoussat A. (2005) Semantic structure as input data for Kansei Engineering Systems, IASDR International Design Congress, November 2005, Yuntech, Taiwan
  • Bouchard C., Mantelet F., Aoussat A. (2005) Trends integration in Kansei Engineering, 6th International Conference on Computer-Aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design, Delft University, May 2005, 6p
  • Bouchard C., Lim D., Aoussat A. (2003) Development of a Kansei Engineering System for Industrial design - Identification of input data for KES, Journal of the Asian Design Conference, Asian Society for the Science of Design (ASSD), Tsukuba, Japan, October 2003, ISSN 1348-7817, 12 p.