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Surname: Détienne

Given name: Françoise

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: francoise.detienne(_at_)


Position: Research professor

Organization: CNRS

Address: LTCI- UMR 5141 - CNRS - Telecom Paris Tech / Département SES –

46 rue Barrault, 75634 Paris Cedex 13,

Country: France


Cognitive Ergonomics

Research Interests

technology-mediated collaboration, collective work, design creativity, quality of collaboration, online communities, software design, CSCW

Selected Publications

  • Détienne, F. (2006) Collaborative design : managing task interdependencies and multiple perspectives. Interacting With Computers. 18(1), 1-20.
  • Détienne, F., & Visser, W. (2006). Multimodality and parallelism in design interaction: Co-designers' alignment and coalitions. In P. Hassanaly, T. Herrmann, G. Kunau & M. Zacklad (Eds.), Cooperative systems design. Seamless integration of artifacts and conversations-Enhanced concepts of infrastructure for communication (English ed., pp. 118-131). Amsterdam: IOS.
  • Hébert, A-M., Détienne, F., Licoppe, C. (2010) An ethnographic study of collaborative design: multi-modal generation and (re)-attribution of design ideas. ICDC 2010 - The First International Conference on Design Creativity, Kobe, Japan, November 29- December 1.