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Surname: Saaid

Given name: Shahnil Asmar

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: asmarsaaid [a_t]


Position: Senior Lecturer

Organization: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Address: Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, UiTM, 40450 Shah Alam,

Country: Malaysia


Publishing and Media Studies

Research Interests

Book Typography; Visual Communication; Textbook Publishing, Children Book Publishing, New Media Studies

Selected Publications

  • Saaid, S A., Amin Al-Rashid, N A. and Abdullah, Z. (2014). The Impact of Addiction to Twitter among University Students, Future Information Technology Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume 276, pp 231-236.
  • Saaid, SA., Abdullah, Z and Hmood, K. (2013) Modeling the organizational functions of book typography. Media and Mass Communication Proceeding, pp 1-10.
  • Saaid, S A. and Abd Rashid, J. (2012) Interoperability of e-publishing: Knowledge and perception of iLearn system among students. Education & e-Learning Online Proceeding.
  • Saaid, S A and Ahmad, Z. (2009). The Communicative Aspects of Textbooks' Prefaces: A Descriptive Analysis, International Journal of The Book 6 (2), 5, pp 5-12.