Koutaro Sano

3535 Minamihara, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun,

Nagano, Japan


Cell: 080-5081-3890

Email: skoutaro@gmail.com




Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

- Bachelorfs Degree in Plastic Art Specializing in Sculpture (March 1993)


Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan

- Bachelor Degree in Architecture (Constructional Engineering) (March 1996)

- Master Degree in Architectural Engineering (March 1998)

- Part-time Job at Nosu Architects Planning Engineers (1996)

 and Workstation Architecture Design (1999) 

- Apprentice at Kikutake Architects (1998)

- Licensed Architectural Engineer (January 2000)


Ishikawa Prefecture Ceramics Educational Center (Kutani-Yaki),

Ishikawa, Japan

- Apprenticeship program on Pottery and Ceramics Art (March 2006)

- Pottery Art Apprentice under Masahiro Asakura (May 2003)


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST),

Ishikawa, Japan

- Doctorate Degree in Social Knowledge Science (March 2010)




Publicationsirefereed paper =j

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    K. Sano, Y. Nagai, T. Taura (2009), gPoetiquesh based methods of

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     2009 Conference of IASDR, on CD-ROM 10 pages


    Y. Nagai, T. Taura, K. Sano and A. Yasui (2010), gInternal Observation of the  

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     K.Sano and Y.Nagai, Youan Cha-shitsu: A fusion of lighting from different



Exhibitions Work  

     K. Sano (1991), gKASATU A/Bh, 40~30~80cm/110~40~35cm, marble,

    The 5th Kodaira Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition, Kodaira Central Park, Toyko


     K. Sano (1992), gENGAI Ch, 100~120~120cm, marble, The 6th Kodaira

    Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition, Kodaira Central Park, Toyko


     K. Sano (1996), gThermes Maritime: Culture, Spirit and Natureh, The 36th

    Nationwide University Graduation & Design Exhibition, Kenchiku Kaikan,



     K. Sano (2006), gThe Paranoia of Bananas and Sweet Peppersh, 27~27~

    7.5cm, porcelain, The 29th Traditional Kutani-ware Craft Exhibition,

    Ishikawa Prefectural Museum, Ishikawa


     K. Sano (2006), gThe Aspect of Wind and Mindh, 40~51cm, black and white  

    painting, Short Piece Spring Exhibition: Group Exhibition, Asanogawa Art

    Gallery, Ishikawa


     K. Sano (2007), gCross Section of Distant Recollectionh, 170~130~

    21cm(Combination of 5 pieces), semi-porcelain, The 71st Exhibition of

    Shinseisaku 2007, National Art Center, Tokyo


     K. Sano (2008), gCross Section of Distant Recollectionh etc., Joint

    Exhibition with Hiroshi Totoki, Kura Gallery, Tokyo


     K. Sano (2008), gCross Section of Distant Recollection: Cutting from the

    Landscapeh, 270~125~24cm(Combination of 3 pieces), semi-porcelain,

    The 72nd Exhibition of Shinseisaku 2008, National Art Center / Kyoto

    Municipal Museum of Art, Tokyo / Kyoto


     K. Sano (2009), gSection of Remembrance: From the Forest to the Seah,

    43~43~30,~33,~36,~39,~41cm(Combination of 5 pieces),

    semi-porcelain, The 73rd Exhibition of Shinseisaku 2009, National Art

    Center / Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Tokyo / Kyoto


     K. Sano (2010), gGround Wind (FUU-IN)h, 130~210~27cm (Combination of   

    14 pieces), semi-porcelain, The 74th Exhibition of Shinseisaku 2010,

    National Art Center, Tokyo


     K. Sano (2010), gGround Wind (FUU-IN)h etc., 12 Visual Points: 12  

    Consideration concerning gTOh (Japanese): Group Exhibition, 21th Century

    Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa


     K. Sano (2011), gLandscape—SESERAGIh, 140~160~25cm (Combination of  

    5 pieces), semi-porcelain, The 75th Exhibition of Shinseisaku 2011,

    National Art Center, Tokyo



Ceramic Art

    Vase, The Aspect of Wind and Mind Series           20~20~8cm, white porcelain

    Relief / The Board of China, The Sound of Nature (FUU-IN) Series        

                                    30~30~4cm, white porcelain and stainless steel




Work Experience

Contract Architect: Nov. 2000 - Oct. 2002, Zou Architects Design,

Yokohama, Japan

- Working at Zou Architects Design, responsible for in-depth conceptual study of heritage building use


Freelance Architect: Oct. 2002 – April 2003, Atelier Lemon,

Chigasaki, Japan

- Provide expert analysis and input for other designs.


Founder of Karuizawa Design Laboratory (2007 – present)

- After completing my Doctoral Research then I executed my findings in the field of sculpture, architecture and ceramic art at Karuizawa Design Lab.