CogSci 2022JCoLE2022, NALOMA 2022にて 以下4件の発表を行います。

  • Torii, T., Maeda, A., & Hidaka, S. (2022). Embedding parallelepiped in co-occurrence matrix: simulation and empirical evidence. Joint Conference on Language Evolution (JCoLE2022).
  • Akihiro Maeda, Takuma Torii and Shohei Hidaka (2022). Parallelogram structure of analogy in word co-occurrence matrix, Natural Logic Meets Machine Learning III Workshop @ESSLLI 2022, August 8-12 2022.
  • Miyamoto, M. & Hidaka, S. (2022). Identifying a Phonetic Factors of Onomatopoeias Correlated to Sound Symbolic Commons between Japanese and Non-Japanese Speakers. The 44th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci2022). (link)
  • Imai, M. et al. (2022). The contingency symmetry bias as a foundation of word learning: Evidence from 8-mont-olds on a matching-to-sample task. The 44th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci2022). (link)

論文掲載 (Artificial Life and Robotics)と今後の発表予定

昨年AROB2021で発表した研究を改訂した論文がArtificial Life and Robotics誌に掲載されました。
Our paper, which was revised after the AROB conference 2021, has been published online.

Torii, T., Oguma, K. & Hidaka, S. Animacy perception of a pair of movements under quantitative control of its temporal contingency: a preliminary study. Artificial Life and Robotics (2022). (link)