Seminars (51)

A Realizability Model for Type Theory Keiko Nakata 2014/07/07
Generate & Check Method in CafeOBJ Revised Kokichi Futatsugi 2014/07/03
Bi-Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Hypergraphs Dr. John Stell 2014/06/27
Point-free foundations of Mathematics Dr. Marco Benini 2014/05/22
40 Years of Formal Methods Some obstacles and some possibilities Dines Bjorner 2014/04/18
Extracting programs from proofs Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/07
A theory of computable functionals Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/06
Computing with partial continuous functionals Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/05
Bounded variable logic, parameterized logarithmic space, and Savitch's theorem Yijia Chen 2014/01/23
Parity Games and Resolution Arnold Beckmann 2014/01/23


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