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Anybody has a Koto to Donate?

The International Exchange Lounge is looking for used koto (Japanese harp) which can be used for koto lessons at the Lounge. For information, please call the Lounge at (0762)22-9901.

国際交流ラウンジではラウンジのレッスンで使うために古い琴を探 しています。お問い合わせは tel (0762)22-9901 まで。

Free Consultation Sessions for Foreign Residents

Having problems with the Japanese legal system? Don't know where to find agencies and services which could help you? IFIE, with the cooperation of the Kanazawa Bar Association and other international exchange organizations, is offering a series of free consultation sessions for foreign residents. English, French and Chinese interpreters will be in attendance. The sessions are scheduled at the IFIE office on the afternoon of the fourth Saturday of every month, except statutory holidays. This month's session will be:

Date: July 22nd (Sat)
Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Place: IFIE Office (Shimohonda-machi 5-25, Kanazawa City)
Contact: tel (0762)62-5931: fax (0762)63-5931.
Sessions are also scheduled for August 26th and September 16th.

 県内在住外国人の方で生活上の困りごと、悩みごとをお持ちの方、 弁護士や国際交流団体のスタッフが相談にあたります。相談は無料。 英語、フランス語、中国語で通訳をします。石川県国際交流協会で は祝日除く毎月第4土曜日にこのコーナーを行っており、今月は下 記の予定です。

日時: 7月22日(土) 13:00 - 16:00
場所: 石川県国際交流協会 (金沢市下本多町5-25)
連絡先: tel (0762)62-5931; fax (0762)63-5931

IFIE SQUARE is Provided by Ishikawa Foundation of International exchange
5-25 Shimo-Honda-machi Kanazawa-shi (920)
Tel (0762)62-5931; Fax (0762)63-5931


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