Support System for International Students

International Student Section

JAIST is proud to offer a fully-staffed International Student Section at the Student Affairs Department. Support staff are not only friendly, but are also fully fluent in English. Our staff is happy to answer questions to support students' everyday life. Check out the bilingual pamphlets published by the staff, full of tips for your daily life in Japan. We also organize Japanese cultural excursions, 3 times per year, and you can enjoy, for example, tea ceremony in Kanazawa, together with Japanese students. We also organize a field trip for international students, once per year, which is a one-day tour to a city such as Kyoto, Hida-Takayama, or Ise, where you can enjoy traditional aspects of Japan.

Tutorial Service

Tutoring service is available for international students who have lived in Japan for less than a year. Tutors, who are Japanese students in most cases, will accompany you and help you with your everyday life, such as starting gas in the Student Housing, opens a bank account, or seeing medical doctors.

Career Counseling Support

The Career Service Center in JAIST offers special support for international students who are seeking a job in Japan. The Center provides job-related information about job postings, corporate seminars, and internships for companies which are interested in hiring international students. Traveling expenses for going to internship or job interviews in the Hokuriku region will be supported. Half of the examination fee for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, the Business Japanese Proficiency Test, and the TOEIC test will be supported as well.

International Exchange Associations

You can also connect with the local community through organizations such as the Nomi International Friendship Association. These organizations provide international people with a wide variety of information and opportunities for getting to know each other.