Features of the Educational System

Education Programs for a Variety of Study Objectives

In response to the rapidly evolving global work environment, JAIST offers a flexible educational system so that you can achieve your career goals. JAIST offers an educational program that can be tailored to fit your personal goals and objectives, allowing a custom-designed education that will completely prepare you for your chosen career. JAIST also offers a flexible registration system in support of students entering from the workforce, giving true flexibility to your research and studies.

Career types (5D and 3D Program)
S (Scientist) Type : Those who wish to become creative scientists
E (Engineer) Type : Those who wish to become highly professional engineers

5D (5-year Doctoral) program is designed for those who intend to pursue a doctoral degree from the outset of their education. This is an integrated education program from the master's level through the doctoral level. The completion of this program requires five years.

3D (3-year Doctoral) Program is a conventional doctoral level education program with a special emphasis on enhancing students' practical and technical skills. The completion of this program requires three years.

M (Master's) Program is a conventional master's level education program with a special emphasis on enhancing students' technical skills. The completion of this program requires two years.

Supervisory System

At JAIST, students are guided through the education process using a unique supervisory system. Each student is assigned three advisors, a main supervisor, a second supervisor, and an advisor for the minor research project. This structure provides guidance and advice on the full range of the student's education and research. In addition, JAIST offers a career services office, give students guidance and advice on their professional development.

Supervisory System

Study Materials Science in English

As a globally focused institute, one of the advantages of attending JAIST is that all of the doctoral courses are taught in English. JAIST also offers the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree just by taking courses taught in English. Both the master’s and the doctoral students are encouraged to prepare and present their thesis in English.

Polish Your Communication Skills and Critical Thinking Skills

We offer both English and Japanese language courses from introductory level to business level taught by native speakers. JAIST offers courses to develop key transferable skills such as critical thinking and communication skills. These key strengths allow JAIST graduates to pursue a truly global career.