Iwasaki Group

Professor Hideo Iwasaki

E-mail: hideo@jaist.ac.jp

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Creation and Physical Properties of Functional Materials


Preservation of energy resources and the natural environment are serious problems world-wide. We focus on superconductivity and thermoelectricity. Especially, we have completed the development of special equipment related to evaluation of the thermoelectric figure of merit, ZT, based on voltage measurements in thermally isolated condition of the sample. This was successfully applied to evaluation in microscopic thermoelectric devices. Right now, we are interested in nanoscopic thermoelectricity because of its high thermoelectric performance. The equipment with high measurement accuracy mentioned above will be absolutely necessary in new material creation.

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Recent selected publications

  1. “Thermoelectric Properties of (Bi1-xSbx)2S3 with Orthormbic Structure”, Y Kawamoto and H. Iwasaki, J. Electronic Materials (2014) DOI: 10/s 11664 -013-2742-5.
  2. “Development of a Measurement System for the Figure of Merit in the High-Temperature Region, H. Iwasaki, T. Yamamoto, H. Kim and G. Nakamoto”, J. Electronic Materials 42 1840 (2013).
  3.  “Phase Transition of Josephson Vortices Under High Magnetic Fields up to 30T in Heavily Overdoped YBa2Cu3O7-δ Single Crystals”, T. Naito, H. Iwasaki, T. Nishizaki and N. Kobayasi, J. Low Temp. Phys. 159 168 (2010)
  4. “Thermal Conductivity and Seebeck Coefficient of 12Cao7Al2O3 Electride with
  5. a Cage Structure”, S. W. Kim, R. Tarumi, H. Iwasaki, H. Ohta, M. Hirano, and H.
  6. Hosono, Rhys. Rev. B80 075201-1 (2009)

Recent research funds
  • Research Fund with Quantum Design Japan Ltd., 2012, H. Iwasaki 1,500,000 JPY
  • Joint Research Fund with Komatsu Ltd. 2011, H. Iwasaki 750,000 JPY
  • Joint Research Fund with Komatsu Ltd. 2010, H. Iwasaki 750,000 JPY