List of Groups

Energy & Environ.
Appl. Phys.
Mater. Chem.
Biosci. & Biotechnol.
Intelligent Robotics

    • Akabori Group / Associate Professor Masashi AkaboriOutline Profile Group
      Spintronics in Semiconductor Nanowires
    • An Group / Associate Professor Toshu AnOutline Profile Group
      Spin Dynamics Sensing and its Application
    • Horita Group / Associate Professor Susumu HoritaOutline Profile Group
      Science and Technology of Low-temperature Thin Film Growth for Electron Devices
    • Iwasaki Group / Professor Hideo IwasakiOutline Profile Group
      Creation and Physical Properties of Functional Materials
    • Mizutani Group / Professor Goro MizutaniOutline Profile Group
      Symmetry-Sensitive Nonlinear Optical Microscopy
    • Murata Group / Professor Hideyuki MurataOutline Profile Group
      Organic Electronic Devices - An Interdisciplinary Research Field that Integrates Chemistry and Physics
    • Oshima Group / Associate Professor Yoshifumi OshimaOutline Profile Group
      Nanomaterial Science by transmission electron microscope
    • Suzuki Group / Professor Toshi-kazu SuzukiOutline Profile Group
      Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Ultra-high-speed Electronics
    • Takamura (Yukiko) Group / Associate Professor Yukiko Yamada-TakamuraOutline Profile Group
      Development of Nanomaterials Based on the Understanding of Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Tokumitsu Group / Professor Eisuke TokumitsuOutline Profile Group
      Functional Oxide Devices and Their Fabrication Technologies
    • Tomitori Group / Professor Masahiko TomitoriOutline Profile Group
      Nanoscale Surface Science Nanoprobe Technology
    • Ebitani Group / Professor Kohki EbitaniOutline Profile Group
      Nano-Structured Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biomass-Derived Material Conversion into Valuable Chemicals
    • Maenosono Group / Professor Shinya MaenosonoOutline Profile Group
      Nanoparticle Science and Technology From Synthesis to Applications
    • Matsumi Group / Professor Noriyoshi MatsumiOutline Profile Group
      Design of Energy Materials using Hetero Atom Chemistry
    • Matsumura Group / Associate Professor Kazuaki MatsumuraOutline Profile Group
      Functional Polymeric Biomaterials for Controlling the Functions of Living Systems
    • Nagao Group / Associate Professor Yuki NagaoOutline Profile Group
      Nanoprotonics – Creation of Emergent Chemical Devices –
    • Shinohara Group / Associate Professor Ken-ichi ShinoharaOutline Profile Group
      Single-Molecules Imaging of Polymers
    • Taniike Group / Associate Professor Toshiaki TaniikeOutline Profile Group
      Advanced Material Design based on Synergetic Exploration, Learning, and Prediction
    • YAMAMOTO Group / Associate Professor Yuko S. YamamotoOutline Profile Group
    • Yamaguchi Group / Professor Masayuki YamaguchiOutline Profile Group
      Design of Advanced Polymeric Materials using Rheological Approach
    • Fujimoto Group / Professor Kenzo FujimotoOutline Profile Group
      Challenge for Bio-science and Bio-innovation from Chemistry
    • Hamada Group / Associate Professor Tsutomu HamadaOutline Profile Group
      Soft Matter Physics Approach to Cell-Mimicking Systems
    • Hiratsuka Group / Associate Professor Yuichi HiratsukaOutline Profile Group
      Micro-Mechanical Devices Powered by Motor Proteins
    • Hohsaka Group / Professor Takahiro HohsakaOutline Profile Group
      Protein Engineering with Nonnatural Amino Acids
    • Ohki Group / Professor Shinya OhkiOutline Profile Group
      NMR-based Structural and Functional Biology: From Basics to Applications of Proteins
    • Takagi Group / Professor Masahiro TakagiOutline Profile Group
      Membrane Dynamics and Cellular Signal Transduction
    • Takamura Group / Professor Yuzuru TakamuraOutline Profile Group
      Micro-fluidic Devices and Sensors for Biochemical and Medical Applications
    • Tsukahara Group / Professor Toshifumi TsukaharaOutline Profile Group
      Development of Innovative Medical Technology Based on RNA Research
    • Tsutsui Group / Associate Professor Hidekazu TsutsuiOutline Profile Group
      Molecular Sensors For Bioelectrical Signals
    • Yamaguchi Group / Associate Professor Takumi YamaguchiOutline Profile Group
    • Jiang Group / Professor Donglin JIANGOutline Profile Group
      Design and Functional Exploration of 2D Polymers
    • Kaneko Group / Professor Tatsuo KanekoOutline Profile Group
      Biomolecule Materialization Based on Multifunctional Polymers
    • Koyano Group / Associate Professor Mikio KoyanoOutline Profile Group
      Thermoelectric Conversion and Condensed-Matter Physics
    • Maezono Group / Associate Professor Ryo MaezonoOutline Profile Group
    • Mizuta Group / Professor Hiroshi MizutaOutline Profile Group
      Hybrid Nanoelectronics and Atomic-scale Devices - Emerging Nanotechnologies for ‘More-than-Moore’ and ‘Beyond CMOS’ Era
    • Ohdaira Group / Associate Professor Keisuke OhdairaOutline Profile Group
      Development of Si-based Next-generation Solar Cells Through Novel Process Technologies
    • Shimoda Group / Professor Tatsuya ShimodaOutline Profile Group
      Direct Formation of Electronic Devices Using Functional Solutions
    • Terano Group / Professor Minoru TeranoOutline Profile Group
      Development of Next-Generation Highly-Functional Polyolefin Materials
    No students will be assigned to Terano lab in FY2016 and beyond.