Your Path Through the Two Years


April in the 1st year

Admission to JAIST
Tentative assignment to a laboratory

During this period, focus on taking courses.

July in the 1st year

Assignment to a laboratory

Begin your research study (major and minor researches) for a degree after your final lab assignment.

  • Minor research

    An opportunity to expand your horizons by working on a research topic different from your main one.

  • Topic examples for major research

    • Electronic devices made from functional liquids
    • DNA manipulation by light and fabrication of DNA computer
    • Plastic made from plants
    • A new type of solar cells
    • Creation of highly-functionalized nano-particles

Feb. in the 2nd year

Submission and Presentation of the dissertation for the master's degree


March in the 2nd year

Conferment of a master's degree

Career options
  • Manufacturers of electronic components and devices
  • Companies related to the chemical industry
  • Technical engineers in the government and other public organizations

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