Campus Life

Student Housing

Eight five-story Student Housing are located on campus.
International students receive priority to live in Student Housing.
Single room: Kitchenette and toilet,
Double and Family room: Kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry room.
PC can be connected to the campus LAN.


The library at JAIST is administered based on the three principles of “Open 24 hours a day“, “Research library“ and “Electronic library“. We are confident that the quality of our library is appropriate for a graduate school in terms of accessibility and the contents of its collection.

■Open 24 hours a day
Books and other materials can be viewed freely whenever it is necessary.
■Research library
Our collection is focused on academic materials that are highly professional and advanced.
■Electronic library
We are promoting a digital system of academic materials.


“J-BEANS” is the Learning Commons and a place where students, faculty and staff can study together and exchange academic ideas. The room could be used for a group learning or for a presentation, etc.

Health Care Center

The Health Care Center located on campus provides general health care services, including health examinations, first aid, health consultations and counseling, so that students and staff members can stay healthy in mind and body. Regular check ups are provided for all students in April every year. Also, people who work with X-rays can be specially examined, if necessary. The Health Care Center is furnished with beds, massage chair, sphygmomanometer, scales etc. for use. It also provides the theater room equipped with high quality sound and visual system. Students can use the room for self enjoyment. All these servises are free!

Facilities for Campus Life

Cafeteria and Cafe

A wide variety of dishes are available in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
You can see the seasonal changes of nature through the windows.

Convenience Store: New Yamazaki Daily Store

Store hours Monday-Friday 8:00AM-10:00PM.
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9:30AM-5:00PM.
Lines of business Groceries, stationery supplies, magazines, home-delivery service, dry-cleaning agent, etc.

Other Facilities

*International phone calls can be made from the public telephones.
*An ATM connected to major city banks on-line is located in the building.

JAIST Student Housing