Miss. Peeyanan Noirod jointed our laboratory.

Prof. Takamura gave a lecture in JAIST Symposium.

D3 Rahul will present in the Chemical society of JAPAN.

Prof. Takamura presented invitation lecture in the IWNA2013.
"High sensitive and selective biosensor using carbon nanotube and MEMS components for biomedical applications"

D2 Sugiyama, D2 Lightson presented in the MNC2013.

Prof. Takamura presented invitation lecture in the APCE2013.
"Automated paper-based devices for sequential multistep sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays"

D3 Rahul's paper was accepted from Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical
"Development of Oligopeptide-Based Novel Biosensor by Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis on Microchip"

D2 Khoai presented in the 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2013).

D3 Rahul, D2 Lightson and D1 Bineet presented in the International Symposium on Advanced Materials 2013

D2 Lightson presented in the 7th BAIOKANRENKAGAKU symposium.

D3 Rahul and D2 Sugiyama presented in MNE 2013.

D2 Lightson and
D1 Khoai presented in 2013 JSAP-MRS Joint Symposia.

Prof.Ukita and D1 Bineet and M2 Hatashita presented in JSAP.

Mr. Bineet joined our laboratory

We had farewell party for Mr. Viet .

D1 Khoai
's paper was published from
Microelectronic Engineering.
"Development of high sensitive liquid electrode plasma ? Atomic emission spectrometry (LEP-AES) integrated with solid phase pre-concentration"

We had a wellcome party for new M1 students.

New master cource student joined our group.

Prof. Takamura presented in Electric Glass Industry Association of Japan.

Prof.Ukita and D1 Khoai presented in Cheminas 2013.

Prof. Takamura presented invitation lecture in the ISMM2013.
"Ultra-compact Elemental Analyzer by Liquid Electrode Plasma and Its Bio-sensing Application"

We held the open Laboratory.

Activity introduction to new students was held on 22nd Apr.

We had joint wellcom party (BBQ) for new students with Shimoda Lab. and Otaira Lab. and Hiratsuka Lab. .

Prof. Ukita
's paper was accepted from
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.
"Control of secondary flow in concentrically traveling flow on centrifugal microfluidics."