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-All polyolefin researchers & technologies gather for the next-

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Polyolefin is an exceptional material that occupies more than half of the plastic industry. Sometimes regarded as matured, but polyolefin evolves itself in a highly multi-disciplinary way that covers catalysis, reaction engineering, characterization, processing, polymer properties, degradation and stabilization. This fact is the most attractive and significant feature of polyolefin.

The World Polyolefin Congress is the first attempt to assemble all of the polyolefin-related activities that have been continuously developed in each discipline.

All polyolefin researchers are cordially invited to attend the World Polyolefin Congress, which will be held on Nov. 23-27, 2015 in Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan. Besides face-to-face discussions among both academic and industrial scientists in different disciplines, the Congress delivers selected presentations by distinctive researchers for each field as well as youth and poster presentations, aiming at synergism for next-generation polyolefin. 

The Congress will be held in parallel with Asian Polyolefin Workshop 2015 (APO2015).
The participants of WPOC2015 can join all activities in APO2015.

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