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There are many machine tools and items in the machine shop. The following are the machine tools which are mainly used.

NC machines

NC stands for Numerical Control. These machines work automatically in accordance with a program made by the user. They are used to make complex parts, and parts which have many similar features.

Wire-electrical discharge machine

NC milling machine

NC lathe

General-purpose machine tools

These machine tools are used for usual machining.


Lathe (Collet chuck)

Milling machine

Drilling machines

These can make holes. They are used frequently.

Drilling machine

Drilling machine for small holes

Cutting machines

To prepare a suitable size piece of material for machining of a part, you have to cut it out from a large piece of material.

High speed cutting machine


Band saw

Grinding machines

You can grind material with a rapidly-spinning grinding wheel, or with a sanding sheet.


Belt sander

Welder, Bender

You can weld or bend materials.


Spot welder

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welder

Vacuum equipments

Baking service of UHV(Ultra High Vacuum) parts with baking chamber is provided as construction request service.

He leac detector


Baking chamber

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