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Machine Shop User's Manual

1. Introduction

Machine Shop is a facility to support your research by developing and constructing your laboratory equipment.
For instance, there may be many issues regarding your experiments, such as:

・The part necessary for the experiment is not sold in any markets.
・The part is too expensive.
・What you need is a part of an assembled product.
・The part is needed immediately.
・Equipment needs to be rebuilt.
・New equipment needs to be built, but you do not know how to do it.
・You can not draw a drawing.

You may solve these problems by using the machine shop.
There are some solutions, such as:

・You can make parts by operating machines.(You need to get a license. Please participate in a machine shop training session.)
・Construction Request Service
・Borrowing Items

If you have any problem regarding your research, or a question about the machine shop, please feel free to contact us.

2. Available times

You must keep the time.
・9:30-12:00, 13:00-17:00, weekday(*1).
*1 You can not use the machine shop on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
If the machine shop staff are absent, you can not use the machine shop.
It is recommended to confirm whether the staff is in the machine shop.
Extension: 1470 or 71470(Uno) or 74161(Nakabayashi)
E-mail: machineshop@jaist.ac.jp or munenori@~(Uno) or n-yuuji@~(Nakabayashi)

3. How to use the machine shop?

3-1. About license

You can use some of the machines in the machine shop. But, if inexperienced people use the machine, a serious accident may happen.
The license institution is set up to limit users.
The license is given to
・Students and researchers who are trained by machine shop staff (Uno or Nakabayashi)(*2).
*2 Training by other faculty is not permitted. Only the machine, one is trained to use can be used.

Training applications are always accepted. Please contact us.

3-2. Work flow (Enter)

・Check if the staff (Uno or Nakabayashi) is in the machine shop.
・Tell the staff what you would like to do. If the staff think it is dangerous or too hard, you can not use the machine shop(*3).
*3 In this case, you can use the Construction Request Service.
・Input the details of the work into the application form on the PC, which is on the counter in the reception room. Then you can get a code number.
・Input the code number into number-key of the entrance door, then you can enter the machine shop.

3-3. Clean up

・You have to clean the machine and the floor around the machine, as clean as you can.
・The waste must be segregated by material. There are some drum cans for segregation outside the back door of the machine shop.
・Wipe the machine with paper towels. Do not use a wet towel. It would make machines get rusty.
・After wiping, grease the machine lightly.

3-4. Work flow (Leave)

・Tell the staff that you finished the work and the cleaning. Then check that there aren't any problems.
・Input your finish time into the PC. Then you can leave.

3-5. Caution

・Keep the time schedule for which you applied.
・You must apply before entering the machine shop from the reception room.
・If trouble, like breaking a machine or injury happens, you must inform a staff member immediately.
・Trouble due to user's error must be reimbursed by oneself or by the responsible teacher.
・Keep in your mind that after getting the license, all human errors are your fault. If there is a problem, ask the staff. Prevent trouble.
・For some machines, use by students is banned. If you need to use that machine, the construction request service is recommended. Please contact the staff of the machine shop.

4. Construction request service

We design and produce your equipments instead of you. The service includes drawing for outsoucing, producing of electronic circuits, developing softwares of instrumentation control and baking of UHV parts.
When you use this service, keep the following role.

4-1. Application

The client(*1) must submit an application form, which can be downloaded from Machine Shop web site, with fillig out an application blank(*2). If needed, attach specification and drawing. The drawing should be drawn with following JIS drawing. Supply the necessary goods(*3) with the application form. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
We have a meeting about the request to make the staff understand the details perfectly. The drawing will be edited by the staff then be checked by the client.
There are requests can not be taken.
If there are any changes on the request, after the application, please let the staff know it.(*4)
We treat the request of the outsourcing.

4-2. Deadline

Basically, deadline is 2 weeks after from the day delivered all the materials. If there is a reason to make the deadline shorter, describe it to the staff, and write it on the application form.
There are cases that miss the deadline, because of some reasons. In that case, the staff announces how much it will be late.
Pick up the finished product immediately after the announce of the completion.
If you can not pick up the finished product soon, tell the staffs when you can pick up it.
When you pick up the finished product, check if there are problem.
As a general rule, we do not satisfy a claim, after picking up the finished product.

4-3. Cost

You owe the cost of the material(*5). But, you can use the waste materials in the Machine Shop. We recomend you to check if there is usful material before you order the material.
There are various kinds of materials in the machine shop, and they might be used. In that case, we would like you to charge about the amount of the used material.
The labor charge is free.
In case that particular kind of tool is needed to be purchased, you owe the cost. However, In case that the tool is owned by the Machine Shop after the request done, machienshop cost it. Please do not hesitate to consult us.
Publicity of the detail of the request
The following substances may be disclosed as the report of our activity.
Client name-->Open
Title of the request, photos of the product-->Open. As long as there is no prescription to close.
Details of the request, drawing-->Close. However, we might ask for permission to publish as the Machine Shop activity report.

4-4. Indemnity

We always oprete machines with paying attention not to make a mistake. However, It is impossible to make the posibility of the failure to zero. So, we might not avoid the delay of the deadline. As a general rule, the client owed the cost caused by such delay.

4-5. The other words of caution

If there is a posibility to adhere the harmful substance on the material you prepair, tell us and discribe the detail.
The client have to adopt the waste material which is needed the particular treatment to dispose or storage.
(*1):Students and researchers can submit an application form and confer on a detail of a request with the staff of the Machine Shop. However, only the faculty in JAIST can be a client of construction request servide. When student or researcher submits application form, signature and stamp of a JAIST faculty are needed on the form.
(*2):The follwoing items are necessary for an application.
Request title, Contact personnel and contact information, Signature and stamp of a client, Details
(*3):Necessary goods mean materials, devices assembled with the product and equipments necessary for making the product. If there are sometiong needed particular care, tell us when they are deposited.
(*4):The change might delay the deadline.
(*5):It includes materials to make jigs.

5. Borrowint items

You can use some Machine Shop equipments. If you use this service, conform the following rules and the application.

5.1 Available time

9:30-12:00,13:00-17:00, weekday. While the staff is in the room.(*1)

5.2 Lending flow

・Check if the staff( Uno or Nakabayashi) is in the machine shop.
・Tell the staff what the items you need, and get the approval.
・Input the detail into the application form on the PC, which is on the counter in the reception room. Then you can get the seacret numbers.
・Input the seacret numbers into number-key of the entrance door, then you can enter the machine shop and take out the item.

5.3 Return flow

・Tell the staff to return.
・Check in by using the PC.
・Input the seacret numbers into number-key of the entrance door, then return the item.

*** Whenever you visit the machine shop to use these services, tell the staff what you would like to do and get permission, first of all. ***
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