Mechanical drawing workshop 2013

Dear overseas students,

The Machine Shop of the Center for Nano Materials and Technology(CNMT) is planning to hold a mechanical drawing workshop in English for overseas students hope to use construction request service of the machine shop or need knowledge of mechanical drawing(*1).
If you are not sure whether you need to use the construction request survice, ask your teacher in charge.

The workshop is holding on 2nd August. You can entry with sending an e-mail to "" with an apprication form which is put at the end of this announcement. The registration deadline is 31th July(*2).
We are going to record this workshop. Please be forewarned.

*1 When you use construction request service of the machine shop, attached drawings should be drawn with JIS mechanical drawing method.

*2 The registration is finished with your e-mail. Please paticipate with making sure the information below.

Date: 9:00-12:00 2nd August, 2013
Place: M3 Lecture Room
JIS drawing part1 9:00-9:40
1.Drawing sheets
2.Views and projection methods
3.Line Conventions
5.Sectional drawings
6.Detail drawings
8.Tolerancing of Linear and Angular Dimensions

JIS drawing part2 9:50-10:20
1.Drawing of screw thread
2.ISO system of limits and fits
3.General tolerances
4.Symbol of surface texture

Knowledge for design 10:30-12:00
1.Tips of design
4.Actual drawing

Please prepare pencil, eraser and ruler for the practice.
The documents for the workshop can be download from links below. Please download them and bring them with your notebook PC, tablet PC or hardcopy.
We do not hand out them on the workshop. Please do not forget.

School(IS MS KS):
JIS MDWS slides(full size)PDF version of slides used on the workshop
JIS MDWS slides(small size)6 slides on 1 page for hard copy
scheduleschedule of the workshop
machine shop user's manualbasic rules of the machine shop Link
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