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To Use Equipment

Operating machines, Using items, Borrowing items

You can use some Machine Shop equipment. If you use this service, conform to the following rules and fill out the application.
Available time 9:30-12:00,13:00-17:00, weekdays. While the staff is in the room.(*1)
Lending period 3 days max. If you need to extend the period, re-apply.(*2)
*1  It is recommended to confirm whether staff is in the room by telephone (1470) or e-mail (machineshop@) before coming to the Machine Shop.
*2  The lending period might be short.

General User's Manual

Details of this service are written in the "Machine Shop User's Manual".

Usage of Gas Burner Table

There is a gas burner table. You can use it after being taught by Machine Shop staff. Please check the manual of the gas burner table.

Gas Burner Table User's Manual

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