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 You can download and study techniques and knowledge relevant to the Machine Shop using this service. Materials include "JIS Mechanical Drawing", which is needed when you make drawings for construction requests, "Movies of the Machining Process" and "LabVIEW Programming Techniques", now. We will increase the contents, soon.
JIS Mechanical Drawing  These materials are used for JIS Mechanical Drawing Workshop.
Title Detail
JIS Drawing Part 1 Sample Drawings
Drawing Sheets
Views and Projection Methods
Line Conventions
Sectional Drawings
Detail Drawings
Tolerances of Linear and Angular Dimensions
JIS Drawing Part 2 Drawing Screw Thread
ISO System of Limits and Fits
General Tolerances
Symbols of Surface Texture
Necessary Knowledge of Actual Drawing and Design Techniques. Tips for Design
Drawing-samples of major parts
Flanges for vacuum
Tips for Actual Drawing
Drawing sheet format This is a template of a drawing sheet. You can use it for your drawing or you can edit it to make your own format.
Movies of the Machining Process  .wmv format
Title Detail
Milling machine 1 Numerically-controlled arc motion
Milling machine 2 Side cutting
Milling machine 2 Face milling
Drilling machine 1 Drilling
Drilling machine 2 Counter sink hole
Drilling machine 3 Tapping
Drilling machine 4 Chamfering
Lathe 1 Drilling
Lathe 2 Grooving
Lathe 3 Peripheral milling
Lathe 4 End milling
Lathe 5 Chamfering
LabVIEW Programming  LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation.
Title Details
LabVIEW Guide§Chap 1 Page under construction...
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