International Workshop on Spin-FET Based Quantum Information Processing 2004



There have already been a lot as well as a variety of efforts towards quantum information processing and quantum computing. As a latest and unique approach to this important problem is the one based on Rashba effect in semiconductor hetero-junctions or spin-FETs, which we are intending to develop.

The purposes of this workshop are thus twofold as below;

  1. Getting together to exchange and discuss the results, ideas and proposals about Rashba effect phenomena, which have been obtained or done recently by the attendants in their experimental or theoretical works.
  2. Searching a possibility of future collaboration between the attendants, especially between the people of experimental and theoretical, to yield some breakthroughs in this research area.

So that, we hope this workshop could be very much helpful to make a deeper understanding about the basic physics and devices related to Rashba effects, and to create further interesting speculations and devices relating to quantum information processing based on spin-FET.

Finally, we thank all speakers and attendants who will support this new kind movement in research areas of semiconductor physics and device applications.


February 12, 2004

Syoji Yamada, CNMT JAIST

Hiroyuki Akinaga, AIST

Academic Program