Support for Joint Research related to Synthesis on New Materials

The R & D(Research and Development) of nano materials sometimes aims at incubating seeds of promising research project, and sometimes are triggered by needs outsides. In former case, its scale is rather small and the emphasis is on substantiating individual researcher's idea. Meanwhile the latter one should be planned, shared and evaluated systematically and repeatedly in big scale. The center will support these projects depending on each case. It also provides opportunities to present the research results for open discussion in the related workshops and meetings at several intervals.

Nano material technology course

Nano material technology course is newly established to educate students to be outstanding scientists and engineers who conduct and lead the nano technology based on the trainings and lectures of the course.

Support for International joint projects

With its staffs and facilities the center supports international joint projects in which groups of JAIST carry out world-leading researches in collaboration with groups of Europe, United States and Asia.

Analytical Equipment

Center for Nano Materials and Technology is well equipped with advanced analytical machines of large or medium sizes, which are fundamental to design, produce and evaluate nano materials. The center maintains these machines and shows the proper operation. These machines in the center, for example, are listed as follows; 750MHz NMR, FT-ICR-MS, SIMS, four axis X-ray crystallography, XPS, 300kV TEM, RBS, STM, AFM, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, DNA and peptide sequencers, and so on.

Support for Students' Experiment and Training

When students use the equipment in the center for their experiments, the center shows how to operate them and gives suggestion how to analyze data. It also gives safety guidance for using their facilities.
Center for Nano Materials & Technology