PDCAT 2002


Banquet photographs by Dr. Inoguchi
Banquet photographs by Dr. Osama
Banquet photographs by Prof. Fan
Announcement of Network

During the conference, both wire-less LAN (IEEE 802.11b) and 10Base-T are available. If you want to access the internet, please prepare your notebook PC with network interface. Detailed setting will be announced at the conference venue.

Industry Exhibition

Industry Exhibition will be held from September 4 to 6 by following 6 companies.

  • BestSystems Inc.
  • SGI Japan
  • IBM Japan
  • Compaq Computer
  • Sumisho Electronics Co. LTD
  • Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co. LTD.

Three Tutorials will be held on September 3. All of these are free for registered participants. Please refer the tutorial page for more information.

"Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery"
by Professor Ho To Bao, JAIST

"Grid Computing & OGSA"
by Mr. K. Sugimoto and Ms. Y. Sawatani, IBM

"Actuality and Trend of High Performance Computing and Parallelizing Compilations"
by Professor Minyi Guo, Aizu University

Keynote Speeches
"Wireless PKI for Securing M-Commerce over The Internet"
by Prof. Kai Hwang, Ph.D.

Photo Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Internet and Cluster Computing Laboratory
University of Southern California

"Online Scheduler with Partial Value - an application to Network Transmission"
by Prof. Francis Chin, Ph.D.


Professor and the Chair of the Department of Computer Science, the University of Hong Kong

"Parallel Web Mining on PC Cluster"
by Prof. Masaru Kitsuregawa, Ph.D.


Professor and the Director of the Center for Conceptual Processing of Multimedia Information, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

What is PDCAT'2002?
The International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT) is a major forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present the latest research, results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of parallel and distributed computing. Following PDCAT'00 in Hong Kong, PDCAT'01 in Taipei, PDCAT'02 will be held in Kanazawa, the home of Hokuriku in Japan.
Where is the Conference Location?

Kanazawa Bunka Hall

15-1 Takaoka-machi Kanazawa
Tel:+81-76-223-1221 Fax:+81-76-223-1299

Where is Kanazawa?
Kanazawa, the biggest city in the Hokuriku region has a population of 450,000, and is a castle town that was ruled over by the Maeda family for three centuries after the first lord Toshiie Maeda entered Kanazawa Castle in 1583. The development of its special products like rice, sake, sweets, etc. was due to its temperate and rainy climate with heavy snow in winter.

Kanazawa is surrounded by the Japan Alps, Hakusan National Park and Noto Peninsula National Park. Two rivers run through the city; the Sai is said to be a lively masculine river and the Asano to be a sweet, feminine river. Such a natural background of great beauty gives the city a relaxed feeling. The buildings that gave birth to a high level of Japanese traditional craftsmanship  stand tranquilly and blend in with the modern atmosphere in Kanazawa to create a charming ancient castle town.

Important Dates

Due to many requests, the submission deadline for PDCAT'02 has been extended to March 15, 2002.

Paper submission deadline : March 15, 2002
Author notification
: May 18, 2002
Camera-ready version due
: June 14, 2002
Workshop/tutorial proposal due
: June 15, 2002
Conference : September 3-6, 2002

Who is the Conference General Chair?
Dr. Susumu HORIGUCHI, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Who is the Program Chair?
Dr. Hong Shen, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Our Sponsors
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Hokuriku Branch

IEEE Nagoya Section (in Japanese)

Official Travel Agency
Nippon Travel Agency (in English) (in Japanese)