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Mikio Koyano Professor
School of Transdisciplinary Sciences、School of Materials Science、Energy and Environment Area


B.S.(1984), M.S.(1986), Ph.D.(1990) from Hiroshima University


Solid state physics, Thermoelectric properties, Electronic properties of low-dimensional materials


◇Published Papers

  • Systematic study of electronic and magnetic properties for Cu12-x TM xSb4S13 (TM = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Zn) tetrahedrite,K. Suekuni, Y. Tomizawa, T. Ozaki, and M. Koyano,J. Appl. Phys. 115, 143702 (5 pages),2014
  • Detection of large thermal vibration for Cu atoms in tetrahedrite by high-angle annular dark-field imaging,,Tara Prasad Mishra, Mikio Koyano and Yoshifumi Oshima,Applied Physics Express, 045601,Volume 10,Number 4,2017
  • Thermoelectric Properties for a Suspended Microribbon of Quasi-One-Dimensional TiS3,Tasuku Sakuma, Shunsuke Nishino, Masanobu Miyata, and Mikio Koyano,Journal of Electronic Materials, DOI: 10,1007/s11664-018-6086-z,2018

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of thermoelectric properties of sulfides with OpenMX and BoltzTraP,Masanobu Miyata, Taisuke Ozaki, and Mikio Koyano,The 3rd OpenMX developer's meeting(2018年8月9日,東京大学物性研究所 柏の葉キャンパス)
  • Contactless temperature measurement of atomic-layered MoS2 single crystal supported on silicon substrate,Mikio Koyano, Wataru Asai, Pham Xuan Thi, and Masanobu Miyata,The 37th Annual International and 16th European Conference on thermoelectrics (Cane France, 1-5July2018) [Poster 2, P. 74].
  • Development of Printing Thermoelectric Module and Quest of New Thermoelectric Materials for Energy and Environmental,Mikio Koyano,JSAP-KPS K-J Joint Symposium (2017年10月26日,韓国 慶州市コンベンションセンター)[ [E] Pioneer: Energy harvesting tech.].

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan,2006-
  • The Japan Sciety of Applied Physics,1994-
  • The Physical Society of Japan,1984-