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Goro Mizutani Professor
School of Materials Science、Applied Physics Area


Degree of Doctor of Science in physics, Tokyo University(1986)

■Professional Career

Postdoctoral Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (1986), Research Associate at the Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Tohoku University(1986), Associate Professor at the Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Tohoku University (1992)


Surface science, Optical properties of solids

■Research Keywords

Surface nonlinear optical spectroscopy, Surface nonlinear optical microscopy

■Research Interests

Optical second harmonic spectroscopy of surface and interface phenomena
We develop optical second harmonic spectroscopy and use it as a tool to monitor the change of surface and interface electronic levels during important surface and interface phenomena. The electronic structure as well as the orientation and the order of the surface bonds and adsorbates, of photo-catalysts, surface/ adsorbate systems, semiconductor interfaces and superconductor surfaces are our main interest.
Vibrational spectroscopy of surface adsorbates by observing Raman scattering and sum frequency generation
We investigate the mechanism of surface and interface phenomena such as surface oxidation or catalytic reaction, by analyzing the vibration of molecules involved. For this purpose we have developed a high-sensitive Raman spectrometer and sum frequency spectroscopy system. We are interested in clarifying the adsorption state of molecules on catalysts and the order of water clusters in the vicinity of bio-materials.
Materials to be realized only on surfaces
The properties of atoms, molecules, and films on surfaces are dramatically different from those in the free state. Investigating the origin of this difference, we take advantage of it to realize materials with properties possible only on surfaces.
Development of an optical second harmonic microscope and an optical sum frequency microscope
We develop an optical second harmonic microscope and an optical sum frequency microscope in order to observe the spatial distribution of electronic states of interesting surfaces. The microscopes are planned to have good spatial resolution and to be capable of tuning the excitation wavelength in a wide region. We are planning draw new physics from the nonlinear optical images of catalysts, semiconductors and living organisms.



  • "8044_86884767_CON_Compendium of Surface and Interface Analysis”Chapter 69: Optical Second-Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy and Microscopy,Khuat Thi Thu Hien and Goro Mizutani,Springer,2017
  • Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterization for New Materials and Devices (ALC2011), Seoul, Korea, 22-27 May, 2011,Goro Mizutani (Pricipal Guest Editor),John Wiley and Sons,2012,1-800
  • "Science, Technology and Education of Microscopy, an Overview"ed. A. Mendez-Vilas (Microscopy Series No.1 Vol.2)・Starch Image in Living Water Plants Observed by Optical Second Harmonic Microscopy,G. Mizutani and H. Sano,FORMATEX, Badajoz, Spain,2003,pp.499-504

◇Published Papers

  • Second-order nonlinear optical microscopy of spider silk,Yue Zhao, Khuat Thi Thu Hien, Goro Mizutani, and Harvey N. Rutt,Applied Physics B123,123,188,1, 8,2017/06/09
  • Sum frequency generation spectroscopy study of hydrogenated stepped Si(111) surfaces made by molecular hydrogen exposure,K.T.T.Hien, M.A. Sattar, Y. Miyauchi, G. Mizutani and H.N. Rutt,Surface Science 663,663,11, 4,2017/09
  • Optical Second Harmonic Generation Study of a Rubbed Polyimide Film Containing Steroidal Structure Side Chains,Muhammad Samir Ullah, Shohei Asai, Yousuke Inomata, Khuat Thi Thu Hien, Goro Mizutani, Yoshitaka Murakami and Takashi Okada,e-journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 15,15,7, 6,2017/07

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Sum frequency generation on a regular step H-Si(111) surface.,H. Khuat, Y. Miyauchi, S. Abdus, G. Mizutani,Materials Research Society Spring 2014,San Francisco, America,April 21-25, 2014 (oral)
  • Analyzing Cracked Non-Glutinous Rice Kernels by SFG Spectroscopy,Wataru Kouyama, Takahiro Nishida, Khuat Thi Thu Hien, Goro Mizutani, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Hiroaki Miyamura,17th International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter (ICL2014),Wroclaw, Poland, July 15, 2014 (Poster)
  • Modulation of Si-H vibrational mode as a function of the hydrogen coverage on a H-Si(111)1x1 surface,Y. Miyauchi, K. T. T. Hien, and G. Mizutani,International Conference on Photonics Solutions (ICPS2013) ,Pattaya, Thailand,,May 26-28, 2013 (Oral)

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Surface Analysis Society of Japan,2008-2014
  • Society of Nano Science and Technology,2002-2008
  • The Vacuum Society of Japan,2001-2015

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◇Other Activities

  • 9th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices '13,Steering Committee Chair,2013/12/02 - 2013/12/08
  • Surface and Interface Analysis, Special Issue on “Atomic Level Characterisation 2011”(John Wiley & Sons),Guest editor,2010/10/01 -
  • 8th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices '10 Publication Committee,Publication Committee Chairman,2010/04/01 -

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