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Yasuo Tan Professor
School of Information Science、Security and Networks Area


Ph.D.from Tokyo Institute of Technology(1993)

■Professional Career

Associate of school of Information Science (1993-1998)
Associate Professor of Center for Information Science (1998-2001) at JAIST
Associate Professor of School of Information Science (2001-2007)


Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Networks, Computer Systems

■Research Keywords

Ubuquitous Computing, Home Networks, Digital Home Appliance

■Research Interests

Home networks
Networking of the various kinds of home appliance is one of the most promising research areas. Although the concept of home networks has been discussed for quite a long time, but the development and deployment of the network system and network-able equipments are still on the way.We have developed some home networking technology like interconnecting architecture, bridges for heterogeneous communication systems, and controlling mechanism for legacy home appliances. We also have contributed for standardization of the home networking architecture.
Next generation streaming system
Today, the Internet streaming is one of the most popular network applications. Audio and video data are transmitted over the packet network and some applications are of radio broadcasting and telephone systems are migrating to the computer network systems.We are developing a next generation streaming system which can deal with 3D volume data as well as 2D pictures and sounds. This theme includes 3D video codec and encapsulation technology, and synchronization of the multiple streams as well as the signaling and resource management technology.


◇Published Papers

  • Implementation and evaluation of thermal simulator for houses,Nguyen Hoai Son, Makino Yoshiki, Lim Azman Osman, Tan Yasuo, and Shinoda Yoichi,IEICE Technical Report on Information Networks (IN),112,4,31, 6,2012/04/12
  • 2-hop scheme for data collection in wireless sensor networks,Vuong An Hong, Tan Yasuo, and Lim Azman Osman,IPSJ SIG Technical Report on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Communications (MBL),2012-MBL-62,26,8,2012/05/22
  • Does the network coding technique work well for congestion control in wireless sensor networks?,Kho Chin Lee, Tan Yasuo, and Lim Azman Osman,IEICE Technical Report on Ubiquitous and Sensor Networks (USN),112,31,7, 4,2012/05/17

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Concepts, architectures and standards for smart homes,Yasuo Tan, and Azman Osman Lim,The 19th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC),Bali, Indonesia,2013/08/31
  • Smart Systems and current status of Japanese HEMS technologies,丹 康雄,日・タイ スマートハウススマートグリッドシンポジウム2014,東京,2014/03/19
  • Consideration of a Large-Scale Smart Cities Simulation for City Energy Management System,Junsoo Kim and Yasuo Tan,日・タイ スマートハウススマートグリッドシンポジウム2014,2014/03/19

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Association for Computing Machinery,Member,2002-
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electonics Engineers,member,1998-
  • Japan Society for Software Science and Technology,member,1995-

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◇Other Activities

  • New Generation Network Promotion Forum Residential ICT SWG,Leader
  • Digital Home-network Forum,Special Member,2002/08/01 - 2004/12/31
  • Next Generation IP Network Forum HomeNetwork WG,Leader

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■Academic Awards Received

  • 情報通信功績賞,200906