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Tsutomu Fujinami Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Human Life Design Area


B.A.from Waseda University (1986), Ph.D.from University of Edinburgh (1996)

■Professional Career

Systems Development Laboratory, HITACHI (1986-1992), Institute for Computational Linguistics, University of Stuttgart (1995-1998)


We are interested in the skills which are only acquired through long period of training. We investigate how skills are different from other normal behaviours with respect to both movement and perception.

■Research Keywords

Skill Science, Skill acquisition, Dementia Care

■Research Interests

Skill Science
We study how experts are different from novices by investigating human movements observed in kneeding in ceramic art, dancing on samba, ball handling in football, and so on. We expect our result will be applicable to robotics and skill learning systems.

Skill Acquisition
We investigate how humans learn skills. We collaborate with people in our area to trace as many people as possible, who are trained to learn dancing on samba. We hope our findings will contribute to designing skill learning systems.

Demantia Care
Japan is rapidly aging and we expect two percent of the population to be suffering from Dementia in 20 years. Under this plessure of aging society, we study how well we can care people with dementia in natural setting and what technological solutions will be availabe.


◇Published Papers

  • A Network Approach to Inducing Coordinative Structures of Skillful Movement,Masanori Tsujino, Tsutomu Fujinami, Keisuke Nagai,Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics,15,8,988-996,2011/10/05
  • Impact of Cognitive Loading on Postural Control in Parkinson's Disease with Freezing of Gait.,Buated, W., Lolekha, P., Hidaka, S., & Fujinami, T.,Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine,2,1-8,2016/11/3
  • Promoting Socialization of Schoolchildren Using a Teleoperated Android: An Interaction Study,Ryuji Yamazaki, Shuichi Nishio, Kohei Ogawa, Kohei Matsumura, Takashi Minato,Hiroshi Ishiguro, Tsutomu Fujinami, Masaru Nishikawa,International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR), (1-25),vol. 10,no. 1,pp. 1350007

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • The role of body in the organization of skilled movements,Tsutomu Fujinami,3rd International Conference on Cognition, Brain and Computation, IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India,December 5-7, 2015
  • Topics of Skill Science: Overview of ten years,Tsutomu Fujinami,Third International Workshop on Skill Science
  • The Influence of Layouts on Visual Impression - Comparing 12 Flyer Layout Patterns,Yutaka Andoh, Kengo Omura, Takano Kentaro, Koushi, Tsutomu Fujinami,International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society,日本, 北海道

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • International Society of Gerontechnology,2012-
  • The Japan Association for Reserch in Singing,2008-
  • Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence,1998-

◇Other Activities

  • The 34th meeting of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society,committee member,2017/04/01 - 2017/09/30
  • Asian Institute of Technology,Visiting Associate Professor,2011/07/04 - 2011/07/08

■Academic Awards Received

  • Award for Good Practice of Caring People,Mainichi Shimbun,2008
  • Excellent Paper Award,Japn Information Processing Society,20087