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Masahiro Takagi Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area


Bachelor of Engineering (1982), Master of Engineering (1984), Doctor of Engineering (1990)

■Professional Career

1985 Research Associate Osaka Univ., 1990 Postdoctoral Fellow Univ. California, Davis, 1994 Associate Professor Osaka Univ., 1996 Visiting Associate Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1997 Visiting Associate Professor Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,2001 Professor Japan Advanced Insititute of Science and Technology


Signal transduction, Membrane dynemics, Stimulation response

■Research Keywords

Signal transduction, Liposome, Phase-separation, Dynamics

■Research Interests

Thermostable proteins
We are interested in thermostable proteins synthesized by hyperthermophilic archaeon. Structure-function relationsips, improvement of enzyme functions by protein engineering, application of thermostable proteins in the fields of medical science, food industries and environment remediation are involved.
Stress response
Intracellular signal transduction by external physical stresses (light, heavy metal, electric magnetic field etc.) will be studied. We are interested in signals related to apoptotic responses.
Protein folding process
Folding process especially amyloid formation will be intensively studied. Neural cell death caused by amyloids is also involved.


◇Published Papers

  • "Membrane disc and sphere: controllable mesoscopic structures for the capture and release of a targeted object",T. Hamada, R. Sugimoto, M. Vestergaard, T. Nagasaki, and M. Takagi,J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132,10528-10532,2010
  • Photochemical control of membrane raft organization.,T. Hamada, R. Sugimoto, T. Nagasaki, M. Takagi.,Soft Matter, 7,220-224,2011
  • The Effect of oxycholesterols on thermo-sensitivity of lipid vesicles.,M. Vestergaard, T. Yoda, T. Hamada, Y. Ogawa, Y. Yoshida, M. Takagi,Biochim. Biophys. Acta, Biomembr., 1808,2245-2251,2011

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • サイクロデキストリン代謝に関する研究,高木 昌宏,アメリカ微生物学会総会,フロリダ,2001.5.26
  • 重金属毒性に関する研究,高木 昌宏,国際環境バイオテクノロジー学会,京都,2000.6.17
  • 細胞分裂タンパク質に関する研究,高木 昌宏,アメリカ微生物学会総会,ロサンゼルス,2000.5.22

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Society of Biotechnology, Japan,2012-
  • Society of Biotechnology, Japan,Editor in Chief, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering,2012-

◇Other Activities

  • Society of Biotechnology, Japan,Editor in Chief, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering,2020/12/05 -

■Academic Awards Received

  • Commendation for Excellent Reviewer of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research,Japan Society for the Promotion of Science,2017
  • College of Fellow, American Insitute for Medical and Biological Engineering,American Insitute for Medical and Biological Engineering
  • Achievement Award, Society for Biotechnology, Japan,Society for Biotechnology, Japan