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Masato Akagi Professor
School of Information Science、Human Life Design Area


B.E.from Nagoya Institute of Technology (1979), M.E and Ph.D.from Tokyo Institute of Technology (1981,1984)

■Professional Career

NTT Basic Research Laboratories (1984), ATR Auditory and Visual Perception Research Laboratories (1986-1990), Associate Professor of School of Information Science at JAIST (1992-1999)


Speech Signal Processing, Modeling of Speech Perception Mechanism of Humans

■Research Interests

Non-linguistic information in speech
1. Non-linguistic Information 1-1 Singing Voice 1-2 Speaker Indivisuality 1-3 Emotional Speech 1-4 Voice Conversion 1-5 Speech Coding

Noise reduction in speech
2. Noise Reduction 2-1 Microphone Array 2-2 F0 Extraction 2-3 De-reverberation 2-4 Bone-conducted Speech 2-5 Speech Recognition 2-6 DOA
Modeling of "Cocktail-party effect"
3. Cocktail-party Effect Modeling 3-1 Sound Segregation 3-2 Privacy Protection 3-3 Noisy Sound Perception
Modeling of human ear based on psychoacoustics
4. Psychoacoustics 4-1 Auditory Model 4-2 Contextual Effect 4-3 Auditory Filter 4-4 Phase Perception 4-5 Vowel Perception 4-6 Noise Evaluation
Physiological Auditory Modeling
5. Physiological Auditory Modeling
Abnormal speech
6. Abnormal Speech 6-1 Abnormal Speech Perception 6-2 3D Vocal Tract Modeling
Interaction between Perception and Production
7. Interaction between Perception and Production



  • Effects of spatial cues on detectability of alarm signals in noisy environments, In Principles and applications of spatial hearing (Eds. Suzuki, Y., Brungart, D., Iwaya, Y., Iida, K., Cabrera, D., and Kato, H.),Kuroda, N., Li, J., Iwaya, Y., Unoki, M., and Akagi, M.,World Scientific,2011,484-493
  • Noise Reduction Based on Microphone Array and Post-Filtering,Junfeng Li, Masato Akagi,VDM Publishing House Ltd. ,2009,ISBN-NR.:978-3-639-20483-4

◇Published Papers

  • A three-layered model for expressive speech perception,Huang, C-F. and Akagi, M.,Speech Communication,50,810-828,2008/10
  • A flexible spectral modification method based on temporal decomposition and Gaussian mixture model,Nguyen, B. P. and Akagi, M.,Acoustical Science and Techechnology,30,3,170-179,2009/05/01
  • A hybrid microphone array post-filter in a diffuse noise field,Li, J. and Akagi, M.,Applied Acoustics (Elsevier),69,546-557

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Multi-layer model for expressive speech perception and its application to expressive speech synthesis,Akagi, M.,NCMMSC2009, Lanzhou, China, 2009/08/14
  • Voice conversion to add non-linguistic information into speaking voices,Akagi, M.,International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2008),Hoian, Vietnam,2008/6/5
  • Toward Affective Speech-to-Speech Translation,Akagi, M.,International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology 2016, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-49073-1 3,Thai Nguyen, Vietnam,2016/12/13

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • The Acoustical Society of Japan,2013-2015
  • The Acoustical Society of Japan,President,2011-2013
  • The Acoutical Society of Japan,2010-2010

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◇Other Activities

  • InterSpeech
  • INt. Conf. Acoustic, Speech, Signal Processing

■Academic Awards Received

  • The 1st place in Singing Synthesis Challenge, InterSpeech2007,2007