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ナノマテリアルテクノロジーセンターCenter for Nano Materials and Technology 2F


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Shin-ya Ohki Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area


B.S. (1989), M.S. (1991), and Ph.D. (1996) received from Hokkaido University

■Professional Career

Technician at Hokkaido University (1993), Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University (1995), Research Associate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) (1996), CREST/JST Post doctoral fellow (1997), Associate Professor at JAIST (2002)


protein NMR, structural biology, biophysics

■Research Keywords

structure-function relationship of proteins related to signal transduction

■Research Interests

Structural Biology
(1) Structure-activity relationship of phosphorylation-dependent protein inhibitors. (2) Structure-activity relationship of metal-binding proteins.
Application of Protein NMR
(1) Structure determination.(2) Interaction of proteins with targets (peptides, ions, etc.).(3) Physical & chemical properties of proteins.



  • Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology vol.592 (Regulatory Mechanisms of Striated Muscle Contraction) "Structural Basis for Calcium Regulated Relaxation of Striated Muscle at Interaction Sites of Troponin with Actin and Tropomyosin",K.Murakami, F.Yumoto, S.Ohki, T,Yasunaga, M.Tanokura & T.Wakabayashi,Springer (Eds. S.Ebashi & I.Ohtsuki),2007,71-86
  • "Recent Developments in Stable-Isotope-Aided Mathods for Protein NMR Spectroscopy" in Modern Magnetic Resonance (Ed. G.A.Webb),S.Ohki & M.Kainosho,Springer,2006,pp. 211-218

◇Published Papers

  • Isolation of amaranthin synthetase from Chenopodium quinoa and construction of an amaranthin production system using suspension‐cultured tobacco BY‐2 cells,T. Imamura, N. Isozumi, Y. Higashihara, A. Miyazato, H. Mizukoshi, S. Ohki, M. Mori.,Plant Biotechnology Journal,,2018
  • Three-dimensional Structure of the Complex between Calmodulin Mutant Lacking the C-terminal Five Residues and the Calmodulin-binding Peptide Derived from Skeletal Muscle Myosin Light-chain Kinase,V.V. Dung, Y. Umetsu, and S. Ohki,J. of Biology (Published by Vietnam Academy of Sci. & Tech.),39,3,309-319,2017
  • Chirality-dependent interaction of D- and L-menthol with biomembrane models,P. Gusain, S. Ohki, K. Hoshino, Y. Tsujino, N. Shimokawa & M. Takagi,Membranes,7,69,1-13,2017

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Introduction of NMR at JAIST,S. Ohki,JAIST JAPAN-INDIA Symposium on Materials Science 2017,JAIST, Ishikawa,2017/3/6-7
  • Structure-Function Relationship of a New Kv1.2-Selective Scorpion Toxin, Mesomartoxin,X.Wang, Y.Umetsu, S.Zhu & S.Ohki.,27th ICMRBS,Kyoto,2016.8.21-26
  • Protein NMR; From methodology to application,S. Ohki,BICON2015,Jaipur, India,2015.9.20-26

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • The biophysical society of Japan,Member,1990-

◇Other Activities

  • 52nd Annual meeting of the NMR society of Japan,member of the organizing committee,2013/11/12 - 2013/11/14
  • NMR society of Japan,Council member of the NMR society of Japan,2011/04/01 - 2013/03/31
  • Member of the protein science society of Japan (2001-),Member of the protein science society of Japan (2001-)