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Nam Van Huynh Associate Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area


B.S. in Maths from University of Quinhon (1990); Ph.D in Maths from Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam (1999); Habilitation from Universit?de Technologie de Compi鑒ne, France (2012)

■Professional Career

Instructor (1990-1992), Lecturer (1992-1999), Maths Department, University of Quinhon; Lecturer (1999-2003), Computer Science Department, University of Quinhon.Inoue Postdoctoral Fellowship (2001-2002), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Decision Analysis、Computational Intelligence

■Research Keywords

Decision making, Information fusion, Approximate reasoning, Knowledge representation



  • Knowledge and Systems Engineering - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference KSE 2014,Viet-Ha Nguyen, Anh-Cuong Le, Van-Nam Huynh (Eds.),Springer,2015
  • Econometrics of Risk,V.-N. Huynh, V. Kreinovich, S. Sriboonchitta, S. Komsan (Eds.),Studies in Computational Intelligence 583, Springer-Verlag,2015
  • Modeling Dependence in Econometrics,V.-N. Huynh, V. Kreinovich, S. Sriboonchitta (Eds.),Springer-Verlag, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 251,2014.

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◇Published Papers

  • Using community preference for overcoming sparsity and cold-start problems in collaborative filtering system offering soft ratings,V.-D. Nguyen, S. Sriboonchitta, V.-N. Huynh,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,26,101-108,2017.
  • Integrating Community Context Information Into a Reliably Weighted Collaborative Filtering System Using Soft Ratings,V.-D. Nguyen, V.-N. Huynh, S. Sriboonchitta,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS: SYSTEMS,(in press),2017.
  • Recent advances of uncertainty management in knowledge modelling and decision making,V.-N. Huynh,Annals of Operations Research,256,2,199-202,2017.

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Dempster-Shafer Reasoning with Uncertainty: Theory and Applications,V.N. Huynh, Invited tutorial,,Ho Chi Minh University of Technology,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,2011/02/22-23
  • Decision Making and Soft Computing: A Survey and Recent Developments,V.N. Huynh, Invited talk,,Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,2011/02/24
  • Multiattribute Decision Making under Mixed Evaluations with Uncertainty: A Unified Evidential Reasoning Approach,V.N. Huynh,Keynote talk, the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics,Nanjing, China,26-28, August 2010

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • IEEE,Member,2007-

◇Other Activities

  • 2008 International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design (ISCID 2008),Technical Program Co-chairs,2008/10/17 - 2008/10/18
  • International Workshop on Interval/Probabilistic Uncertainty and Non-Classical Logics, JAIST, Japan, March 25-28, 2008.,Organizer and Chair of Program Committee
  • International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Kunming, China, July 2008.,Member of Program Committee

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