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Tsutomu Hamada Associate Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area


B.S. from OSAKA University(2001), M.S.from Kyoto University(2003), Ph.D from Kyoto University(2006)


Biological soft matter physics, Membrane biophysics

■Research Keywords

biological membrane, liposome, phase separation, nanoparticle



  • Self-organization of Nanoparticle-Membrane Systems: Reconstitution of Cell Migration,Ken H. Nagai, Tsutomu Hamada,Bottom-Up Self-Organization in Supramolecular Soft Matter,Springer,2015/7,Chapter 11
  • Metabolic syndrome and neurological disordersLipids, Cholesterol, and Oxidized Cholesterol in Alzheimer Amyloid Beta-Mediated Neurotoxicity,Mun'delanji C. Vestergaard, Masamune Morita, Tsutomu Hamada, and Masahiro Takagi,Wiley,2013/12,163-178

◇Published Papers

  • Hydrophobic polyampholytes and non-freezing cold temperature stimulate internalization of Au nanoparticles to zwitterionic liposomes.,Ahmed S, Matsumura K, Hamada T,Langmuir,2018/06/24 (Web)
  • Ag/FeCo/Ag Core/Shell/Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles with Plasmonic Imaging Capability,Takahashi M, Mohan P, Nakade A, Higashimine K, Mott D, Hamada T, Matsumura K, Taguchi T, Maenosono S,Langmuir,31,2228-2236,2015/01/23
  • Size-dependent partitioning of nano/micro-particles mediated by membrane lateral heterogeneity,Tsutomu Hamada, Masamune Morita, Makiyo Miyakawa, Ryoko Sugimoto, Mun'delanji C. Vestergaard, Masahiro Takagi,J. Am. Chem. Soc.,134,13990−13996,2012

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Design of artificial cells based on soft matter physics,Tsutomu Hamada,JAIST Japan-India Symposium on Materials Science 2015
  • Dynamical properties of nano/micro-particles on lipid membranes,Tsutomu Hamada,Mini-Workshop on Structure and Dynamics of Biomembrane
  • Artificial cellular membranes toward nanomedicine,Tsutomu Hamada,8th International Symposium on Nanomedicine,Ehime Univ.,2014/12/4-6

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■Academic Awards Received

  • Award for Encouragement of Young Physicists,the Physical Society of Japan