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Kohki Ebitani Professor
School of Materials Science¡¢Materials Chemistry Area


B.S. from Hokkaido University (1987), M.S. from Hokkaido University, Ph.D. from Hokkaido University (1992)


Design of Catalyst Surface, Development of Nano-Structured Catalyst Materials, Control of Fine Structure of Active Sites

¢£Research Keywords

Catalyst Surface Science, Nano Catalyst Materials, Utilizatioin of Resource and Energy

¢£Research Interests

Development of Nano-Structured Surface for Highly-Functionalized Catalyst
Our group develops highly-functionalized heterogeneous catalysts by means of surface design in nanometer scale that will make a pivotal contribution to valuable chemical transformations in solving environmental and energy issues.



  • Vol. 2: Additions to C-X ¦°-Bonds, Part 2, 2.14 "Other Condensation Reactions (Knoevenagel, Perkin, Darzens)"¡¤Kohki EBITANI¡¤Comprehensive Organic Synthesis II (Second Edition), Paul Knochel and Gary A. Molander (eds), Elsevier¡¤2014¡¤571-605
  • Chapter 6 ¡ÈMechanistic Studies of Solid Acids and Bases Catalyzed Clean Technologies¡É¡¤Atsushi TAKAGAKI, Shun NISHIMURA, Kohki EBITANI¡¤"Heterogeneous Catalysts for Clean Technology: Spectroscopy, Design, and Monitoring" Willey¡¤2013¡¤125-171

¡þPublished Papers

  • One-pot Synthesis of Furans from Various Saccharides using Combination of Solid Acid and Base Catalysts¡¤Jaya Tuteja, Shun Nishimura, Kohki Ebitani¡¤Bulletin of Chemical Society of Japan¡¤85¡¤275-281
  • Montmorillonite-entrapped subnano-ordered Pd clusters as a heterogeneous catalyst for allylic substitution reactions¡¤T. Mitsudome, K. Nose, K. Mori, T. Mizugaki, K. Ebitani, K. Jitsukawa, K. Kaneda¡¤Angewandte Chemie International Edition¡¤46¡¤3288-3290¡¤2007/8
  • Development of ruthenium hydroxyapatite encapsulated superparamagnetic gamma-Fe2O3 nanocrystallites as an efficient oxidation catalyst by molecular oxygen¡¤K. Mori, S. Kanai, T. Hara, T. Mizugaki, K. Ebitani, K. Jitsukawa, K. Kaneda¡¤Chemistry of Materials¡¤19¡¤1249-1256¡¤2007/5

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¡þLectures and Presentations

  • Synthesis of Value-added Chemicals from Biomass-derived Materials using Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems¡¤Kohki EBITANI, Jaya TUTEJA, Hemant CHOUDHARY, Phan Anh SON, Mahiro SHIROTORI, Shun NISHIMURA¡¤IISc-JAIST Joint Workshop on Functional Inorganic and Organic Materials¡¤ÀÐÀ¡¡Ç½Èþ»Ô¡¤2016ǯ3·î7Æü
  • Synthesis of Value-added Chemicals from Biomass-derived Materials using Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems¡¤Kohki Ebitani, Jaya Tuteja, Hemant Choudhary, Phan Anh Son, Mahiro Shirotori, Shun Nishimura¡¤IISc-JAIST Joint Workshop on Functional Inorganic and Organic Materials¡¤Ishikawa, Japan¡¤2016/3/7
  • Use of Formic Acid as Hydeogen Source for Hydrogenation Reactions of Aromatic Carbonyl and Nitrile Compounds by Supported Pd Catalysts¡¤Kohki EBITANI, Yuuoh NOZOE, Pooja TOMAR, Naoto OZAWA, Shun NISHIMURA¡¤Japan-Taiwan Joint Workshop on Materials Science¡¤ÀÐÀ¡¡Ç½Èþ»Ô¡¤ 2017ǯ1·î19-20Æü

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¢£Extramural Activities

¡þAcademic Society Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society¡¤2000-
  • Japan Petroleum Institute¡¤1996-
  • Society of Chamical Engineers, Japan¡¤1996-

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¡þOther Activities

  • Pacifichem 2010 Symposium 262¡¤Organizer¡¤2009/06/25 - 2010/12/20
  • 7th International Symposium on Acid-Base catalysis¡¤Organizing Committe¡¤2020/12/03 - 2020/12/09