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Ryo Maezono Professor
School of Information Science、Energy and Environment Area


B.S. (Tokyo Univ./1995), MS.(Tokyo Univ./1997), Ph.D (Tokyo Univ./2000)

■Professional Career

[FullTime] JSPS fellow/Tokyo University/1999-2001, EPSRC fellow/Cambridge University/Cavendish Lab./(2000-2002), NIMS, Japan/Tenure Researcher/2001-2007, JAIST, Japan/Tenure Faculty/2007-present. [Concurrent] Researcher of PRESTO-JST/2004, Visiting Scholar/Cambridge University/Cavendish Lab./2005/2009, Visiting Scholar/Cornell University/Theory Center/2005, Visiting Scholar/North Carolina State University/2006, Visiting Assoc. Prof./Yokohama City University/2006, Visiting Assoc. Prof./Tokyo University/ISSP/2007, Concurrent Lecturer/Osaka University/Phys.Dept./2011, Visiting Researcher/Riken/2011, Concurrent Lecturer/Kanazawa University/2014/2015, Concurrent Lecturer/Yokohama Natl, University/2016/2017, Lancaster University, Dept. of Phys./Visiting fellow/2018-2019.


High Performance Computing, Materials Informatics, Quantum Simulation, Condensed Matter Theory/MENSA membership

■Research Keywords

Quantum Simulation, Condensed Matter Theory, Many-Body theory, Quantum Chemistry



  • N/A,N/A, For the latest publications, see the group's web page (the list here doesn't reflect the latest update sometimes.)[最新の発表論文リストはグループのweb参照/ここに表示されるリストは最新のものを反映していません)」,N/A,N/A
  • 前園 涼,"自作PCクラスタ超入門 ゼロからはじめる並列計算環境の構築と運用",森北出版,2017,単著/全163頁

◇Published Papers

  • "Bayesian molecular design with a chemical language model",Hisaki Ikebata, Kenta Hongo, Tetsu Isomura, Ryo Maezono, ◯Ryo Yoshida,Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design,31,379,391,2017
  • "New Insight into the Ground State of FePc: A Diffusion Monte Carlo Study",◯Tom Ichibha, Zhufeng Hou, Kenta Hongo, and Ryo Maezono,Scientific Reports,7,2011,2017
  • "Phonon dispersions and Fermi surfaces nesting explaining the variety of charge ordering in titanium-oxypnictidessuperconductors",◯Kousuke Nakano, Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono,Scientific Reports,6,29661,2016

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • "Essential factor for DFT predictions of relative energies in FePc: A Diffusion Monte Carlo study",◯Tom Ichibha, Zhufeng Hou, Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono,APS March Meeting 2017,New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisian, USA,2017/3/17
  • "Large-scale first-principles simulations using massively parallel computers”,◯本郷研太、前園涼,JSPS Core-to-Core 国際共同研究ワークショップ,京都大学宇治キャンパス、京都府,2016/12/6
  • "Phonon-induced superlattice structures in titanium-oxypnictides superconductors",◯Kenta Hongo, Kousuke Nakano, Ryo Maezono,APS March Meeting 2017,New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisian, USA,2017/3/15

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Japan Physical Soc./Japan Chemical Soc./Applied Physics Soc./Japan Ceramic Soc./American Physical So,1999-2030